PPV & Facebook Closed Door Session at AdTech – David Ford and Jonathan Volk

PPV & Facebook Closed Door Session at AdTech - David Ford and Jonathan Volk


Name Product: PPV & Facebook Closed Door Session at AdTechDavid Ford and Jonathan Volk
Author: David Ford and Jonathan Volk
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If you missed last night’s PPV Webinar with Jonathan Volk, David Ford and Corey Bornmann, then you missed out big time. It was one of the best webinar I’ve ever attended. David and Corey held nothing back and even showed how they have earned $27,287.50 in affiliate commissions in only 8 days using PPV traffic. That is serious money! It was one of the very few webinars I’ve attended where I actually took notes.

Facebook Marketing with Jonathan Volk

Jonathan Volk is an extremely successful super affiliate. As the president and CEO of Surge Marketing, he generates millionms of dollars in sales each year.

* Learn how super affiliates use Facebook to generate massive profit
* Learn how to build your Facebook campaigns for maximum results
* How to corectly direct link with Facebook ads
* Scaling Facebook campaigns
* How to earn more by working less

PPV Marketing with David Ford

David Ford has been a successful affiliate for over 8 years. He is the author of the PPV Playbook marketing guide and runs the PPV Playbook coaching forum.

* Learn the ins and outs of each PPV network
* Learn what offers you should run on PPV
* Examples of PPV landing pages & how to increase CTR
* Tricks to pick targets with less competition and high conversions
* How to test, tweak and scale campaigns


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