Power Programming Live! – Marshall Sylver

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Marshall Sylver – Power Programming Live!

Marshall Sylver – Power Programming Live!

COST: $782
Author: Marshall Sylver
Size: 782 MB
Website: http://www.amazon.com/Marshall-Sylver-Presents-PROGRAMMING-Persuasion/dp/B000RL62RW
Power Programming LIVE!
Transform Your Life by Learning to Control Your Mind! See how Marshall Sylver uses powerful techniques in a LIVE setting as he motivates and empowers you to take control of your life. You will learn how to communicate with yourself and other people to acheive optimum results in every aspect of your life. This training course will teach you on 3 levels…

Level 1: Learn personal power skills that give you the ability to now take action and consistently place yourself at peak levels of effectiveness. In addition to stress reduction and motivational exercises, you will learn confidence and self-esteem mental programs that allow for optimum performance and the personal power to take action NOW!

Level 2: Learn the most powerful conscious and subconscious persuasion techniques ever created… tie downs, time bombs, alternate assumptions, embedded commands to buy, specific closing sequences that make the selling process a step-by-step equation.

Level 3: Program yourself on a subconscious level to reach unconscious comptetency. You will know this material as if it were second nature, therby using it on an expert level.

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