Power Price Action Trading – 8 Weeks Online Training

Power Price Action Trading – 8 Weeks Online Training

Power Price Action Trading – 8 Weeks Online Training

Power Price Action Trading – 8 Weeks Online Training

Product link:  http://tradersoffer.com/product/power-price-action-trading-8-weeks-online-training/


Power Price Action – DVDs & Live Training for Futures & Currencies

Want Clear and Objective Rules?  Want Live Training Included?

…Power Price Action is the Answer!

Identify setups on any trading platform


This course proves that it’s possible to become consistently profitable by using only price to trade. With 6+ hours of DVD footage and eight weeks of training with John Paul, you’re taught profitable price action methods that slip past normal traders. The most coveted of these methods is the Blueprint Trade, consisting of exact entry and trade management rules. Often occurring multiple times intraday across futures and forex currencies, the Blueprint is a must-have tactic in your arsenal.

Additional course topics include the Stair Step Method, the Yo-Yo Setup, stop loss strategies, getting the most out of your charting software, identifying and trading trends with breakouts, how to deal with price manipulation, and two bonuses: a broker tell-all interview and the Floor Trader Secrets Manual. The 45+ page color training workbook is full of reference charts, market data and note space.

Furthermore, John Paul will personally train you for eight weeks to make sure you fully understand everything in the course. You’ll be able to look at charts from the current week, compare notes, and ask any questions you may have. Note that this training differs from Private Mentorship, which includes this and our other products such as the ATO, Atlas Line, etc.

It’s time to put the indicators on hold and focus on the only thing that matters – price action. Learn to read the candles. Let price work in your favor by learning the “signs” it wants to move in a specific direction.


What’s Covered in the Course?

How to properly configure your charts

Benefits of trading with a clean chart

Understanding parameters and time frames

Differences between Futures, Forex and Currencies

Trading with the big guys – avoiding manipulation

Specific tools you need for every platform and market

ABC Pattern – filtering trades

Yo-Yo Setup – recognizing trends

Stair Step Setup – a competitive edge

Putting it all together: futures, currencies and forex

Bonus Broker Tell-All Interview


Product link:  http://tradersoffer.com/product/power-price-action-trading-8-weeks-online-training/

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