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From: Daniel Sumner and Dave Nicholson

Subject: Using Private Label Rights Products to Massively Increase Your Revenue and Subscribers.

here are three things that need to happen for you to make money in an internet based business. Number One, you need to have a great product for sale. We will INSTANTLY provide you with your own product. Number Two, you need a great sales page that will attract your buyers or subscribers and convert like crazy. We will INSTANTLY provide you with a professionally written sales page. Number Three, you need to convert your prospects to buyers and subscribers. We will INSTANTLY provide you with super high quality graphics and professionally created fresh content that will have your prospects lining up!


“But what do I sell? And What Will Make Me The Most Money?”

Keep reading to find out an answer!

What if we could tell you that the secret to making an additional income, with instant products, was literally at the tips of your fingers? What if we Told You That It’s So Simple? How much would that be worth to you?

Have you ever found yourself working endless amounts of hours, day after day, week after week, wondering when you will ever start to see any rewards for your hard work? Are you tired of shuffling bills around just to make ends meet?


The Solution to all Your Problems, Quite Simply is:
PLR Private Label Rights Monthly

PLR Monthly is the Best PLR Resource Website you could ever want or need, after all we have been established online since 2008! We provide the highest quality and greatest variety of PLR content that you will see anywhere. We provide the highest standards of Top Quality, Private Label packages for all our members, and constantly strive to improve our standards and member benefits at all times.
What Exactly Are Private Label Rights?

Private Label Products allow you to be the creator and author of a product which you never even put fingers to your keyboard to create. PLR Monthly gives you Top Quality Products which can earn you an additional income and also build your subscribers.

PLR Monthly’s Private Label Material can be edited as you wish, allowing you to start your online business almost instantly. Whatever your business, Private Label Products can be used and sold by you anywhere any time. “Content is King” you must have heard this statement before. If you haven’t you will realize it soon!

Sell Them On Their Own Mini Site.
Use the PLR material to create your own mini website and sell your products from there. You CAN Do This With PLR Monthly.
Add Them to Bigger Packages.
Take 3 or 4 related PLR products and add them to a larger package. This is turn will allow you to sell your package for a much higher price. You CAN Do This With PLR Monthly.
Convert Them to CD or DVD and Sell Them on Auction Websites.
Place your PLR on a CD with your website links and affiliate links inside and not only create an income from selling your created items on auction websites, also make a massive residual income from the other sources of income. You CAN Do This With PLR Monthly.
Create a Home Study Course With a Variety of PLR Products and Sell Them For Additional Income.
You can create and sell home study courses with the help of PLR material. Package your Niche Product onto a CD/DVD, box it up with check lists and help manuals and you can create a home study course which you can sell for additional income. You CAN Do This With PLR Monthly.
Split Your Private Label Into Articles.
Place them on article websites with your website links, mini site links, auction links and generate traffic you never knew existed. You CAN Do This With PLR Monthly.
Create a Mini Course and Distribute Them to Your Mailing Lists.
Convert your PLR to a mini email course and send it to your subscribers. This really makes PLR work for you. You CAN Do This With PLR Monthly.
Convert your Products to Physical Books, Print and Sell Them as Your Own.
By converting your PLR to physical books you can them place them on auction websites such as eBay and Amazon and create huge revenue potential. You CAN Do This With PLR Monthly.
Add Your Affiliate Links to Your PLR.
Add your own affiliate links to your PLR material, which will make a residual income from the affiliate links you have added. By adding your affiliate links and website links to your PLR eBooks and articles and granting resale rights, the viral effect is in place, your eBooks and articles will be around for years earning you and additional income. You CAN Do This With PLR Monthly.
And much more…

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