Planet Ocean – September 2010

Planet Ocean – September 2010

Planet Ocean – September 2010

Google Unveils Instant Search
Google has recently released Instant search, the newest addition to its current search platform. Google Instant aims to provide users with faster and more relevant dynamic search results, and allows users to see search results as they are still typing a given query. The technology pairs what you have already typed together with predictions of what the rest of your query will be. If a user sees that one of Google Instant’s predictions is in fact what they were typing, they are able to scroll down and see results for that (and every other predictive query) by either clicking on the query or hovering their mouse over each predicted query. This new time-saving technology is currently available only in select countries and browsers, but will be available worldwide in the coming months.

AOL and Google Renew, Expand Partnership
After a ten-year partnership between Google and AOL whereby AOL utilizes Google’s search and advertising capabilities and Google has access to AOL’s online content, the two engines have decided to expand their global partnership to include mobile search and YouTubeƾ Under this expansion agreement, AOL will have further access to Google’s search and advertising products to improve its own users’ experiences, and Google and AOL will work together to further develop AOL’s existing mobile applications. Additionally, AOL has signed a deal with YouTube whereby AOL’s video content will be displayed on the YouTube site. These new agreements will be international in scope, improving AOL user experiences worldwide.

Yahoo! To Restructure Entertainment and News Results This Fall
Yahoo! has announced plans to improve and update its entertainment and news results. Available this fall, these improvements include richer content results for entertainment searches, meaning users will now see image or video results, events, ratings, or even tweets for any given entertainment search. The news results will be similarly organized, with all video, image, article and tweet results displayed on a single page, allowing users to be concurrently apprised of all of the latest news headlines. Additionally, Yahoo! will be adding image slideshows to its current Trending Now lists, enabling users to browse relevant pictures without navigating away from the search page.

Internet Explorer 9 Beta Launches, Integrates More Closely with Bing
Bing executives spoke at the IE9 beta launch earlier this month about the vast benefits of IE9’s fully hardware accelerated HTML5. In addition to using the full extent of a PC’s power and allowing Web developers to complete tasks more quickly, the new technology also provides a richer experience for people searching on Bing. Improvements in the Bing experience with IE9 include: improved graphics and easier transitions to and from search pages, improved scrolling features, and more user-friendly image and video previews. Users will also be able to add Bing to their Windows 7 task bar – complete with a “Jump List” — or direct links to most–visited Web pages.

Ask to Shutter Bloglines, Launches Social Q&A Platform
Ask announced early this month that they are discontinuing their Bloglines service on October 1, 2010. Although there were no fatal errors with Bloglines, Ask executives point to the fact that they are shifting their focus to provide better answers to questions from search users. Bloglines has grown dramatically since it was acquired in 2005, and executives feel it now impedes the ability to still provide rich user experiences for non-Bloglines users. However, Ask-com is launching a new partner platform, offering a questions and answers service designed to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, a non-profit foundation for breast cancer research. The platform is aimed to expand Ask’s existing Q&A community, and also to offer users the chance to benefit charitable causes. will donate ten cents to the Komen foundation for every question answered by registered users on this platform.

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