Planet Ocean – May 2010

Planet Ocean – May 2010

Planet Ocean – May 2010

Google and Dish Network Launch Google TV
Google and DISH Network have developed a TV platform that integrates Internet content into traditional TV programming. This new offering, called Google TV, allows users to search content on the Internet, the DISH network, and their DVRs, all at the same time. They can do this using their existing DVR receivers and a Google TV device provided by the company. Subscribers of Google TV will now also be able to overlay relevant television/showbiz information from the Internet, as well as “hyperlink web content back to multichannel TV.” Although the service has been in beta testing for over a year now, the software will be available to all DISH Network customers later this year.

Yahoo! to Acquire Associated Content
Yahoo! announced this month that it will be further enriching its customer experience with the acquisition of Associated Content, Inc. Yahoo’s existing editors and search experts will be working with the Associated Content contributors to create high quality, targeted online content touching on over 60,000 topics. The acquisition will also provide more creative and engaging opportunities for advertisers to connect with their consumers. Yahoo! estimates that the Associated Content acquisition will be complete by fall of 2010, and while Associated Content is currently focused only in the U.S., the engine hopes to offer the platform globally in the coming years.

Ask Announces Related Questions Feature has recently launched Related Questions, an extension of its existing Related Searches feature. While Related Searches provides a list of potential searches related to a given user’s query, Related Question provides a list of questions related to your search query. The list of questions is compiled from questions being asked by other users, addressed in the news, etc. and is aimed at providing a pathway for the user to learn even more about the question being asked. Ask is hoping that this new feature will provide a richer user experience and enable users to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the subjects on which they are searching.

Microsoft Files Two Lawsuits to Combat New Form of Click Fraud
Due to unnaturally large growth in click traffic on certain websites, Microsoft investigators have recently uncovered a new form of PPC fraud (or “click fraud”) called “click laundering.” Click laundering involves the disguising of illegitimate ad clicks to appear as if they are coming from valid sources. The parties responsible for click laundering use scripts and malware programs to send unsuspecting searchers to websites where they click on advertisements without intending to do so. Until now, this new form of click fraud has not been caught by the Microsoft adCenter fraud detection systems that are in place to prevent this type of behavior. In response to click laundering, Microsoft has filed two different lawsuits – one against defendants that are not yet identified (a John Doe lawsuit), and one against RedOrbit, Inc, a Web publishing company. Microsoft investigators believe the defendants in these two suits would have defrauded advertisers for hundreds of thousands of dollars had their scheme not been discovered.

Microsoft Releases New Details about the Yahoo!/Microsoft Search Alliance
Microsoft has recently released new information concerning its alliance with Yahoo!, which was announced in February. The two engines are working together to create a smooth transition for existing customers and expect to complete the merger in the U.S. by the end of 2010. Microsoft has advised existing adCenter customers to look out for Search Alliance email updates in addition to managing their Microsoft ad campaigns as usual. The company also advises advertisers to revise their existing advertisements for keywords and relevance. Existing Yahoo! customers/advertisers will be receiving emails from Yahoo! in the next few months with instructions and tips for transitioning their ad campaigns to the Microsoft adCenter. The transition process for Yahoo! customers will be available by the end of this summer.

Google Introduces a New Look for Home and Search Pages
After testing many prototypes, Google has finally introduced a new design for its home and search pages. The company has made several small refinements to simplify its home page logo, including eliminating the shadows previously found behind the letters and brightening the colors on the logo. Google has also added a left-hand navigation bar to its search results page, which is powered by Universal Search, Search Options, and Google Squared. The new navigation will allow users quick access to links that refine their searches and receive the types of search results they are searching for. The footer on the search page has also been simplified by removing the blue underline on the footer links, removing the blue shading around the search box and expanding the search box. Although this new design has streamlined the overall Google experience, the company is continually searching for new ways to improve and simplify its search offerings.

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