Piotr Wawrzyniak- WordPress for Beginners: Create Professional Websites

Piotr Wawrzyniak- WordPress for Beginners: Create Professional Websites

Piotr Wawrzyniak- WordPress for Beginners: Create Professional Websites

Piotr Wawrzyniak- WordPress for Beginners: Create Professional Websites

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Author: Piotr Wawrzyniak

Use this actionable, step-by-step guide to learn how to build professional websites with WordPress.

Looking to earn extra income as a freelancer developing websites and web shops? Or maybe you plan to enjoy more free time and extra flexibility by creating websites that bring you passive-income?

WordPress from Scratch is THE most detailed, all-in-one course to learn how to easily build websites. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything you need to go from zero to a knowledgeable person who can create professional websites – or your money back.

In today’s modern age, where online presence is a must for people and businesses, knowing how to create and manage websites becomes a crucial skill. After taking this course you can immediately start building and managing money-making websites for yourself or for others.

Just think about it: Your Own Website! Something on the Internet that you have a complete control over. Something that you can easily create, change the look of and add content. Your own place to share your thoughts, photos or sell something!

WordPress is probably the best way to publish something on the Internet. It is currently powering 1/4 of the Internet and the number goes up every day. As it looks today, WordPress is the future of web publishing, so it’s a smart decision to know how to use it. Who knows, maybe this course will help you land a dream job at some point?

What’s inside?

You’ll gain immediate access to the massive 6.5 hours of content, fully packed with useful information and recommendations. Using my university teaching experience, I structured the materials to avoid overwhelm and to easily explain even the most difficult concepts (hey, I was able to teach students Quantum Mechanics, so I can definitely teach you WordPress, no matter how newbie or non-tech you are!). I’m convinced the information presented in this course will be easy to follow and absorb.


Easy to follow, step by step instructions
Combines practical tutorials with the explanation why we do things that way
Valuable tips on how you can save money
Suitable for beginners with little or no prior knowledge of WordPress
6.5 hours of content
Personal contact with me
Quick answers to your questions
Review of your website at the end of the course

If you have problems following any of the lectures, let me know and I’ll try to set up a live Q&A session to guide you through.

What else should I add?

Would you like to see any specific topic covered? Simply let me know and I’ll try to fit it into the course.

What next?

Join WordPress from Scratch and master this amazing website building platform today!

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