Photigy – Alex Koloskov – Liquid Photography Essentials

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Photigy - Alex Koloskov - Liquid Photography Essentials

Photigy – Alex Koloskov – Liquid Photography Essentials

I started my liquid photography with no money. I am talking zero dollars. And I had no photography and business experience. I also had no photography-related education.

The only thing I did have back then was a burning desire to have my own business. And I had one other thing – I had bought my first Canon film camera on my first in-store credit card in my life.

It was long time ago, but it got me started on my own business and a lifestyle that I couldn’t have even dreamed of back then.

You can do this too!
Believe me, no matter where you are today, I did not have anything up on you when I started my business.

I created a “Liquid Photography Essentials” pack, stuffed with a variety of simple, easy to follow tutorials (our best ones!), behind the scene videos and e-books.

It includes everything you need to know about studio tabletop photography, from the equipment for hi-speed photography to the lighting techniques and DIY solutions. You will learn fast, easy and with passion: same as I did, but much faster.

You will not be alone; join our community by submitting your work for a Photigy weekly reviews and Q&A sessions, test your skills by participating in our assignments!

The most unique thing about this package is the support I provide to my students.
You can submit your shots while progressing through the tutorials to Photigy’s “Submit your work” forum, and I’ll review, critique, and suggest how to improve your results. I do this absolutely free, and every week I post these videos to Photigy Live.
Who else provide such support for their products?

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