Peter Lenkefi & Gabor Olah – The List Edge System

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Peter Lenkefi & Gabor Olah – The List Edge System

Peter Lenkefi & Gabor Olah – The List Edge System

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Author: Peter Lenkefi & Gabor Olah
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Who are Peter Lenkefi and Gabor Olah?
Peter Lenkefi and Gabor Olah are considered veterans in the internet marketing field. They teamed up to develop the innovative The List Edge course to help other internet marketers in learning the right methods for generating income thru list-building efforts.
Peter Lenkefi is the author of and it is a posting repository where countless content can be accessed by readers. He also developed the that specializes in internet hosting and web 2.0 strategies.

Gabor Olah is a DSL marketer, product developer and owner of many websites that promote his own products such as e-books and courses. Blogging Cash Course and PLR are just 2 of his popular productions. His strategy in promoting his website/s is to always participate in online forums and IMs.
* What can you get from The List Edge by Peter Lenkefi and Gabor Olah?

The List Edge is a 7-module list-building video course that will teach you how to build a buyers’ list. Here are the 7 modules in the course:
Module 1 – Production
Module 2 – Product Creation
Module 3 – Selling Your Product
Module 4 – Getting Your Sales Site Up And Indexed
Module 5 – Traffic And Getting It To Your Product Sales Page
Module 6 – Your List
Module 7 – Working With Joint Venture Partners And Affiliates

The List Edge also provides numerous tips that marketers can benefit from. Here is a sample of these valuable tips:
(1) Performing a cross promotion for your list
This involves locating 10 to 20 people who are also building a list within your target audience. You can write them a short e-mail that outlines your plan and have these people transmit the e-mail to their contacts. You need to write a pre-written endorsement for the list and let the other joining members of the others’ promo use it when transmitting to their lists.
(2) Posting to forums for maximum results
You can utilize forum sites that concentrate in the same niche/subject matter as your business does. You can start by answering posts to show your interest and helpfulness – this build your credibility and trustworthiness. To be able to put your profile to work, you should utilize your signature by putting a hyperlink to it that lands on your main website.
(3) Use
You can get free traffic from, but the targeted ones should be your top priority. You can use your e-mail subscription features by providing your target audience with free reports. You can use this free ad posting site to disseminate your ad at least twice a week.
*Should you try this course?
The List Edge will be released on the 8th of February but many online marketers are already raving about the inside scoop that they’ve got. And coming from 2 of internet marketing veterans, you’d bet that they have tried, tested and proved these strategies even before they develop them into one comprehensive training course.


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