Perry Belcher, Ryan Deiss:5 of 5 – Traffic Conversion Seminar 2014

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Perry Belcher, Ryan Deiss:5 of 5 - Traffic Conversion Seminar 2014

Perry Belcher, Ryan Deiss:5 of 5 – Traffic Conversion Seminar 2014

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Kevin Harrington: Chairman of As Seen On TV, Inc. (Yes, the guy from the Shark Tank!)
Frank Kern: Highest Paid Direct Response Internet Marketing Consultant & Copywriter On Planet Earth
Tim Ash: CEO of SiteTuners
Neil Patel: Co-Founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics.
Justin Rondeau: Chief Evangelist at WhichTestWon
Tim Hayden: “The Authority” On Monetizing Mobile
Jake Larsen: YouTube Marketing Ambassador
Dave VanHoose – Public Speaking

Big names include Neil Patel, Ezra Firestone, James Schramko, Laura Betterley, Carl White, Tim Ash as well as business gurus Kevin Harrington and Kevin O’Leary.
Digital Marketer presents T&C Summit 2014 (Traffic & Conversion Summit) LIVE from San Diego in partnership Ryan Deiss, Perry Belcher, and special guests Kevin Harrinngton, Kevin O’Leary, Neil Patel, Roland Frasier, Richard Lindner, Kamal Ravikant, Justin Rondeau, Tim Ash, Jake Larsen, and Tim Hayden, Gulliver “Thor” Giles.


BONUS: 200 FREE mobile landing page templates: You’ll be able to build a mobile landing page in 10 minutes with these (You’re Welcome America!) Ha!

And a CRAP LOAD More from our special guest (The Weapon) from “The Valley.”
Session 17 – Funding Your Ideas
Laws are changing in 2014, and our crowd funding attorney will be on hand to explain why 2014 will be “The year of the Funded Start-Up” with more new companies forming in one year than EVER before in history. Here is a little of what will be covered…

Why is only a drip in a tidal wave of private funding for entrepreneurs in 2014, including 500 BILLION in small business bank loans forced by and guaranteed by the US government.

Why crappy interest rates and a risky stock market are suddenly making entrepreneurs the best bet in town for those willing to pay 10-20% interest or give up equity.

The “Big Three” startups MOST smart money is pouring into. HINT: We will have already covered all 3 by this point in the event.

The one DEAL KILLER that will run an investor off like you dowsed him in gasoline and set him on fire. BTW, this one dumb mistake kills 50% of all deals.

Building a “rich friends” network with and, so you know 50-100 people willing to invest in your ideas at any time, and more importantly they know you.

How to put together a 3 page executive summary in an hour that should be good to raise your first $250K. BTW these are known by investors today as SLDs or “S*%^ty Little Deals,” just to let you know how they are thinking

BOTTOM LINE: There are TRILLIONS on the sidelines now un-invested. That money has to go somewhere. Why not to you?
Session 18 – Guaranteed Traffic
How and why SOLO-MAILS are still the best way to build your list and why affiliate traffic sucks in comparison.

“Trading Quarters for Dollars” How to convert formerly stinky “co-reg” leads that cost as little as .25 each, into $.50 – $2 a month or more in profits each.

What makes a “sexy lead magnet” and how to STILL get 60% opt-ins from a SUPER-simple squeeze page (That’s from ICE cold traffic).

Back To The Future PPC – Google, Facebook & MSN all seem a little humbled these days – see how we are using them and even beating them at their own game – Slap this Google!

Remnant Banner Traffic Networks are the newest form of DIRT cheap traffic on the planet, selling banner ad placement above the fold for as little as .09 per 1000 impressions. Sites like Drudge Report, Facebook,, MSN, AOL and 250,000 others participate in these remnant platforms.

Plus over 12 more odd-ball GUARANTEED traffic sources you’ve probably never heard of, and why you should get acquainted.
Session 19 – Kindle Publishing 2.0
In this session we’ll reveal how we create and sell THOUSANDS of Kindle books and moreover the income machines that a single Kindle book can generate. In 90 compact minutes you’ll learn:

The 7 non-fiction niches in Kindle that will ALWAYS outsell all others
How to build an empire publishing OPC (Other People’s Content) especially in the fiction category
How to optimize Amazon search to outrank other books and rank your titles at the top of Google’s search too
When to go to print in paperback and why hardback still brings power
The Kindle launch strategy that gets you THOUSANDS of readers overnight and FREE PPC for your book
Session 20 – Leveraged Ecommerce
While the information business is GREAT, it makes up less than 0.85% of online sales; most of the rest is real STUFF! Contrary to what people would love you to believe, it’s not that hard to get into the physical products business and these businesses SELL for big bucks on exit. In this session you’ll learn…

Why organic, green and pet friendly products are SUPER hot to sell, have 500% markups and can be made with $500 in equipment in your garage (Oh, you’ll learn about profit oil too).

How to sell TONS of products and build valuable brands via Amazon,, and, and how to kickstart them with Kindle books and cheap Facebook ads.

How to import dirt cheap products from Asia, South America and India for as little as $500 in up-front cash, and how you can EASILY get that from a customer in 15 minutes.

How to use “Brand Leaping” online to get on the shelves of MAJOR retailers like WalMart, Walgreens, Rite-Aid and Home Depot.

How to “ecom splintering” like that just sold $500,000,000 in mainly drop shipped merchandise last year.

And of course more…


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