Perry Belcher & Ryan Deiss – Winning At Social Media

Perry Belcher & Ryan Deiss - Winning At Social Media

Perry Belcher & Ryan Deiss – Winning At Social Media

It’s interesting that whenever a major disruptor like social media, the Internet, etc. comes along, inevitably there are many traditional managers and practitioners who don’t understand it and label it as a ‘fad’.

Just because you don’t understand something personally, doesn’t mean it is a fad. That’s the realization that industry is going through right now, that is — social media isn’t a fad, it isn’t going away, we need to deal with it. Just because we don’t understand what the fuss is about doesn’t mean our customers won’t use it, and if they’re talking about us we better be listening.

No Facebook allowed here, unless you’re a marketer
So the first trick with social media and how it’s going to effect the business is learning about how it works. The knee jerk reaction for most banks when social media came along was two fold; The first was to try to figure out how to dump traditional advertising and PR campaigns down the pipe. The second was to shut down any access internally within the organization because it was risky for employees to talk directly to the public, and also because it was feared there would be wholesale time wastage from staff playing Farmville and other sorts of unproductive, non-work related tasks.

The problem with this mindset is that is was fundamentally wrong. Primarily, the organization was prevented from learning about the real capability of social media, and this hampered the brand from creating advocacy and engaging customers. Additionally, the reality was that employees were simply pushed away from the desktop internally to their mobile device and the risks that employers were hoping to prevent by shutting off access weren’t prevented they were simply pushed outside of a controlled environment.

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