Perry Belcher, Ryan Deiss: 1 of 5 – Traffic Conversion Seminar 2014

Eben Pagan The Psychology and Tactics of Marketing and Selling Online

Perry Belcher, Ryan Deiss: 1 of 5 - Traffic Conversion Seminar 2014

Perry Belcher, Ryan Deiss: 1 of 5 – Traffic Conversion Seminar 2014

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Kevin Harrington: Chairman of As Seen On TV, Inc. (Yes, the guy from the Shark Tank!)
Frank Kern: Highest Paid Direct Response Internet Marketing Consultant & Copywriter On Planet Earth
Tim Ash: CEO of SiteTuners
Neil Patel: Co-Founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics.
Justin Rondeau: Chief Evangelist at WhichTestWon
Tim Hayden: “The Authority” On Monetizing Mobile
Jake Larsen: YouTube Marketing Ambassador
Dave VanHoose – Public Speaking

Big names include Neil Patel, Ezra Firestone, James Schramko, Laura Betterley, Carl White, Tim Ash as well as business gurus Kevin Harrington and Kevin O’Leary.
Digital Marketer presents T&C Summit 2014 (Traffic & Conversion Summit) LIVE from San Diego in partnership Ryan Deiss, Perry Belcher, and special guests Kevin Harrinngton, Kevin O’Leary, Neil Patel, Roland Frasier, Richard Lindner, Kamal Ravikant, Justin Rondeau, Tim Ash, Jake Larsen, and Tim Hayden, Gulliver “Thor” Giles.
Traffic And Conversion Summit 2014 Agenda

Day One
Session 1 – Dirt Cheap Traffic
“Getting paid traffic has never been cheaper, all the chumps are out of the market and we have cracked the code for Google Ads for 20-30 cents on the dollar – here’s how…”

“Adwords Stripping” 6 Ways To Slash WASTE in Google Adwords Allowing You To Grab Traffic From Google at 20-30 Cents on the Dollar

“Domain Jamming” Our sneaky way to trick Google in to thinking your URL is a direct-on MATCH for any search term

“Red Pinning” Find EXACTLY where your customers live and how to target them on a LOCAL level for 10% of the cost of National Ads

“CTR Busting” How to CRUSH any competitor in 6 hours or less and send them home crying to mamma.

“Dwarfing Campaigns” Why 90% of your Content Network keywords never see the light of day and how to fix it. This will shock you.

“Drive-Time Scheduling” How to determine when to run ads for the highest ROI and where. (HINT: One of our best-kept secrets is Germany…)

“Make Google Your Affiliate” [SUPER NEW!] Using one “little known program” Google will manage EVERTHING for you for a piece of the action. Just pay them a commission and they are yours.

“Thought Stringing” 100% Voodoo Ninja – How to REALLY read the minds of your prospects and spy on their private emails to find what they’re ready to buy at any given moment.
Session 2 – Facebook Adpower
“How to laser-target Facebook’s 355 million daily users and turn them into the most rabid buyers on your list”

“Facebook Ad Creation Magic” Why some of our ads make us the most money when NOBODY clicks on them. [OUR BEST AD TEMPLATES INCLUDED]

“Facebook Data Mining” Finding your share of the 355,000,000 Facebook Users That Are Proven Buyers. [CHECKLIST INCLUDED]

“The Facebook Sandwich Page” Used by a student of ours to make over $10,000 a day ONLY using Facebook (And we’re giving YOU the template…)

“Neuro Targeting Inside Facebook” How to advertise to ONLY the most targeted leads that you already know meet your customer criteria and have the ability and desire to buy.

“Facebook Organic” How to use Facebook ads to fatten your FaceBook fan list (HINT: These leads can be worth up to $4 per month EACH!

Much more!
Session 3 – Traffic Hacks
How to make 100X more money on the “Big Boy” networks than on Pay Per Click alone. WARNING: Don’t play here without an insider’s help!

True, this is where the $10M and up per year guys all rock-it, but it’s shark infested waters. Learn it and you’re rich…screw it up and you’re done. (P.S. Almost NOBODY teaches how to do this.)

“CPV Domination” How to swipe customers from right under your competitor’s nose. Imagine walking into a store, lining up all the customers and walking them across the street to your place…with their credit cards in their hands… We’ll lead the way.

“Starve the Ponies and Feed the Stallions” 18,000 sales a month! Imagine. That’s what happens when you hit a winner in the CPA networks. It’s kind of like an Internet marketer winning “American Idol” only it ain’t that hard. This is where the whales swim.

“Page Leaping” Most people glaze over content advertising because they don’t understand it or have screwed it up in the past. Here is a FACT: Content accounts for a full 2/3 of our traffic on Google and Yahoo. Best of all, it’s wicked-cheap and it converts better than search.

“Billy Club Ad-Buying” Got a winning offer? Don’t even screw with PPC. There is 20X – 50X more “Placement” traffic available online than PPC. Here’s how you can CRUSH IT even in hyper-competitive niches like FOREX (not for the faint of heart).

And tons more!
Session 4 – Fusion Marketing
“Offline to Online Advertising is Quietly Making Many Players Millionaires Without Spending a DIME Online – Here’s how they do it…”

“Classified Ad Traffic” Turn dirt-cheap national classified ads that run for pennies a paper per week into “solid gold” green buyer leads for almost any niche.

“My, Drop Me a Line” Trick that increases offline opt-ins by 1000% instantly. (I absolutely guarantee you’ve never heard about this sneaky little trick until now.)

“Psychic Postcards” that register qualified buyers to webinars and teleseminars automatically using the strongest power ever…curiosity.

“Trickle Systems” Our system that combines Email, Snail Mail, FAX, Text Messaging and Voice Blasts to increase traffic 10X to almost any promotion – kills for high-dollar offers

“Lumpy Mail for JV Deals” Wanna get on a big fish’s radar? We’ll share the best working “Lumpy” tricks of all time that simply won’t allow a potential partner to ignore you.

“Bounce Back Offers” How to trade for free traffic in other people’s product and promo packs. Most people (even your competitors) will mail your promotion to their best customers for you…if you know how to ask.
Session 5 – WebinarX Method
“Yes, webinars and teleseminars for traffic! This is our #1 Source of NEW Leads – Really! Plus I make a TON of money while I’m building my list. You’ll understand once you’re here…”

“Webinar JV’s”” Why webinar and teleseminar JV partnerships make more money that any other JV deals, produce way more traffic & leads for you and are the easiest to sell to new partners.

“1-2-3-Punch”” How to get 3x as many people to register for your webinars and how to make tons of $$$…whether they show up or not.

“Free Webinars That Pay Now” How I make IMMEDIATE income from webinars days before they ever go live. (Sometimes as much as $10,000 without actually “selling” anything.)

“Evergreen Webinar Repay Traffic” How to get affiliates to promote webinar replays forever and keep sucking leads from their lists…

“Perpetual Launches” How to turn a webinar replay and a few emails into a never-ending launch. This one tactic alone can become the core of your marketing machine. (It is for us.)

“Mock Up Signups” Use our G2W clone webinar sign-up template to generate fresh leads for old webinars.

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