Penguin Panda Knockout Code: The SEO in 2012 and Beyond

Penguin Panda Knockout Code: The SEO in 2012 and Beyond

Penguin Panda Knockout Code: The SEO in 2012 and Beyond

How You Are Planning To Do SEO In 2012?
Are You Recently Affected By The Google Algorithms Changes?
Are You Buying SEO Services From Various Gig Sites or other Service Providers And Didn’t See Your Site Moving At All?
Are You Planning To Buy Links From Third Party SEO Service Provider?
Will Old SEO Backlinking Techniques Still Work Today And Beyond?
Do Comment Links And Profile Links Gives Any Influence To Your Site?
What If Your Link Pyramid Link Building Strategies are Recognized As Spam?
In your case, if the Answer to ANY of the above Questions is Yes, then

The Fact is

The major source of Organic Traffic is Search Engines and almost 78% of the traffic comes from different Search Engines. You cannot afford to ignore ORGANIC traffic.

Search Engine Optimization has changed a lot over a period of time and if you think you can survive PANDA, PENGUIN and Over SEO Penalty Updates with your Old School SEO Routines, then you should think again.

A Strategic Information which will eliminate the problem of Ranking of your Site even after it has been hit due to recent changes by Big “G”.

Case Studies

Every possible reason is thoroughly explained in Penguin Panda Knockout Code!!!

This is one of my own site on which was testing my own SEO strategies. I followed the exact steps i have laid out in Penguin Panda Knockout Code. This site danced a little bit but again came back to its 8th position (Came Back even stronger) on the first page of BIG G. You can see that nice and clear in the picture. This site is giving me few sales a day! I just love that.

Again chose one more site to test the effect of penguin and panda updates. This site is all white hat. Whatever steps i took while SEOing this site, i just wrote them nice and clear in my report. This is again an adsense site. so i am getting quite a bit of revenue from this site as well as this site is clearly at position 7 as of today.

Take Advantage of Penguin Panda Knockout Code today and eliminate your competitors who still are using old and outdated SEO techniques.
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