PBS Frontline: College Inc

Aswath Damodaran (New York University) - Valuation Course (Spring 2014)

PBS Frontline: College Inc

PBS Frontline: College Inc

Public Broadcasting Stations has a series called Frontline. Today it focus on College, INC. ie private schools.

Those schools who target urban moms. “You cant sit at home .. If I can to do it, you can too”. They showed 3 ladies who went to this school for LVN program. The ladies were licensed.. BUT.. When they went to countless interviews. The questions the interviewer asked of the ladies.. Did you do any training in a hospital or nursing home facility? They said no.. We went to Museum of Scientology for psychiatric clinical and a day care for pediatrics..
College,INC highlighted another private school from the southwest, too.

The show spoke about the pressure tactics and hitting the ‘potential’ student hot spot to enroll and pay for classes immediately.

How the private schools are highly profitable. The U.S. Dept of Ed is putting a new ‘clause’ in place that the profit schools must show a ‘ gainful employment’ of their students. The profit school lobbyist are not happy with the clause and are lining the congress folks pockets to have the ‘clause’ go away..
Very interesting..

One of the executives sd.. Well (paraphrase) they can pay for the loans somehow.. So he dont care if you have the job that you trained for to pay your loan..

check it out on your local PBS stations..
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