Paul Scheele- Decisive Action

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Paul Scheele- Decisive Action

Paul Scheele- Decisive Action

Release the shackles that hold you back,take action, and leap into a bright new future!

Kick-start your life using the eight Decisive Action CDs with simple but powerful exercises and progress report.

Decisive Action uses Paul Scheele’s 8-step formula to turn inaction into results-driving action
1. Take stock of your life with an honest appraisal

On the first two CDs of Paul Scheele’s Decisive Action personal learning course, you examine how you spend your time. Look at your priorities, and decide what you want. Are you headed in the direction you really want to go? If not, now is the time to adjust. Learn to:

Calm your mind and body, and draw on a resourceful state for learning and changing

Give up feeling awful, frustrated, embarrassed, or humiliated about your present condition

Praise what works in your life, and re-appraise what doesn’t

Be reminded you are the master of your destiny

2. Drop your restraints and fire-up your motivation

Avoiding certain tasks or putting them off jeopardises your future. Paul guides you to shedding restraints that have tie your potential in knots.

Harness the raw, “Neanderthal power” that surges naturally through your veins

Move through unpleasant or challenging tasks

Stop the guilt about the past, and anxiety about the future

Discover the ease and delight of taking action unencumbered by pressure or remorse

Release negative or defeating ways

Focus on steadily increasing self-confidence

3. Put into action the behaviours you need for success

Behaviours can impede as well as sustain progress it’s your choice. Paul coaches you to adopt behaviours that sustain success.

Duplicate the natural way humans learn

Have all the key attitudes and behaviours that distinguish successful people from those who fail

Develop winning personality characteristics, patterns of self-motivation, and strategies of thinking
4. Assess and redirect your efforts

Is your rocketship on course? spiralling to the ground? floating along to who-knows-where? or, stuck on the launchpad?

If you find yourself soaring toward your goal, go on to step 7. If you aren’t seeing progress in the direction you want, go on to step 5. And, if you are still where you started, go on to step 6.

5. Adjust your action to get on track

When you take action that doesn’t lead you toward your goal, don’t despair. Make adjustments, and take more action. Misfires happen to everyone, including the richest and most fulfilled people in the world. the difference is how you respond.

This session clears away resistance to doing those important things, so that less important or counterproductive activities are not automatically substituted. the result is decisive action in every part of your life, getting you results you have always wanted.
6. Blast through unrealistic fears, and ignite deeper motivations to win

When you take no action toward your goals and get involved in low priority activities such as watching TV or chit-chatting with co-workers, you need to re-evaluate your priorities.

Eliminate procrastination and the hesitancies that derail good intentions

Blast through gravity’s pull toward mediocrity and soar with success

Develop willpower that does not exhaust your energies and is no longer fleeting or temporary.

Successful people usually develop the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do. they tend to be motivated by pleasing results, without worrying about what it takes to get there. Imagine how great it would be to have this habit of thinking without emotions getting in the way.

7. Refine your actions and leap with performance

By this point you would have made a life-changing transition. It does not matter what kind of limitations you may have had in the past. By now your brain easily follows Paul’s brilliant guidance, and you succeed. You now focus on one aspect of your performance in order to improve your effectiveness. It is like a tune-up that results in a performance leap. You’ll learn how to:

Grab new opportunities

Set your sights on a goal and build excitement for it with specific mind pictures

Focus on constantly improving the effectiveness of your work

8. Celebrate your capacity to act and achieve your goals

Have your actions express who you are as a person: magnificent, unique, and capable. This final session caps your new Decisive Action Personal Learning Course and completes the process of producing actions that get you all the power and wealth you want.

Recognise the value of making all you do consistent with your goals; stop doing for the sake of doing

Channel your activities to bring you the greatest return

Affirm your ability to take worthwhile actions and live each day on purpose

Paul finishes with guidelines on how to proceed with your development after the Decisive Action Personal Learning Course. After all, your life doesn’t end when the CD clicks off.

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