Paul Lemberg & StomperNet – FORMULA FIV

Paul Lemberg & StomperNet - FORMULA FIV

Paul Lemberg & StomperNet - FORMULA FIV

Paul Lemberg & StomperNet – FORMULA FIV

FORMULA FIVE by Paul Lemberg

Formula 5 was a complete system to growth. As Lemberg said, “The system is great so that you don’t have to be”.

The idea is built around the “rule of 72″ which states that 72/N = % growth compounded. N represents the number of factors. Lemberg sold the concept as requiring 15% growth in each of 5 business areas. In some regards, this 15% growth can be ridiculously easy to attain – the business owner just has to follow a few steps. For this reason, Formula 5 is very action orientated. At many parts of the course, the instructions are simply, “Switch this off and go do whatever came to mind. Don’t come back until you have completed it”.

By shooting for only 15% growth, but then compounding it with other areas of similar sized growth, a business can rapidly improve profitability and potentially double in size in the space of a few months. For the right kinds of business, it is probably possible to grow 50% quarter over quarter by simply implementing the ideas suggested. And if you have the skill and courage to start your own business, you will have “what it takes” to be able to implement at least 75% of the ideas in the system – which means that you will be able to grow your own enterprise and it’s profits quickly.

Do you actually believe that if you focus on just 5 things, if you spend your time in just 5 important things your business will double?

It allows you to double, or even more your business, in a few months.

The secret formula
1. Compounding.
2. Work each of the 5 doing ONE thing at a time.
3. Doing something incremental; not brilliantly, but consistency.
4. No perfection, just execution (you don’t have time, just get it done).
5. Continue cycling small changes.

So What Is Paul Lemberg’s Formula Five?

It is a 15 week coaching program that comes in five stages.

Formula 5 Step 1 – Increase your margins

Formula 5 Step 2 – Increase how much your customers buy

Formula 5 Step 3 – Increasing the number of leads for your business

Formula 5 Step 4 – Maximize your customer conversions

Formula 5 Step 5 – Increasing the productivity (of you and your team).


1 – Fast Start
2 – Pre-Launch Videos
3 – Coaching Calls
4 – Margin Magnifier
5 – Sales Stackers
6 – Lead Landslide
7 – Conversion Control
8 – Turbo Thruster
9 – Product Producer

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