Operation List Building

Operation List Building

Operation List Building


From: Operation List Building Field Command
Re: Easy List Building System Anyone Can Follow

Dear List Building Recruit

I know where you’re at…I know how you feel…

When I started out I struggled too.

FrustratedI followed all the fads and short term money making products.

I’ll be honest with you….I made the odd $50 dollars here and there but never anything consistent.

Nothing ever solid enough that I could bank so that I no longer needed my day job.

The problem I was having was being able to add subscribers to my email list and make money doing it.

I tried a bunch of different ways but only saw a few subscribers from all the time and money I spent getting them.

I needed to find a system that added subscribers consistently to my list and not cost me much doing it.

Finally, I realized that I needed to take on a mentor and I discovered the solution.

I realized that I needed a fully monetized list building funnel.

All my mentors have email lists of their own that earn money as they get subscribers.

All they do is develop products to build their list…and then they market products as an affiliate as well as their own to their email list.

They all had serious cash coming in…

And I wanted some of the same!

Finally…I now know the secret.

I put this system together that allows me to bank on a regular basis.

“Imagine Plugging In A Tested And Proven
List Building System That Allows You To
Add More Subscribers To Your List!”

Imagine waking up tomorrow, not to the sound of your alarm clock and having to get ready for work, but getting up when you feel rested and awake enough to start your day.

Now, imagine yourself strolling down the hallway to your home office and turning on your computer.

You open your emails to discover you have made more money while you were sleeping than you make working at your full time job.

Continue to imagine yourself on vacation walking on the beach relaxing…

You return to your hotel suite and check your emails to again find $1,000 in sales while you were having fun with your family and friends!

Now, all of this that you just experienced can easily be reality if you have a mailing list of subscribers.

This is possible because list building is automated money, easy money…day in and day out money!

Don’t get stuck by Google money.


As an internet marketer you know how important it is to build a mailing list of subscribers and buyers.

All the big six figure marketers have huge lists of subscribers that they use to earn affiliate commissions.
“So, What’s The Secret?”

To have a successful online business you need to have a proper set up ….an engine if you will.

Let’s look at a battle proven tank…tank

The tank has thousands of parts and if they aren’t set up and installed properly then the battalion is going nowhere fast.

In order to meet the commanders demands and execute their battle orders they need a battle tank… and the main part of the tank that makes it run is the engine…right?

The engine needs to be serviced by properly trained mechanics to keep the tank running in tip top condition.

Well, just like the tank you need a solid engine to run your list building program and build your list of subscribers.
“You Need To Get The Right Things Right”

Well the right thing to get right is the engine of your business. And the most important part of that engine is your squeeze page.

The squeeze page is what your new subscribers will see first. And this will determine if they want your offer and want to become your subscriber.

Not only do you need a squeeze page, you need a high converting squeeze page that will WOW your visitors.

It doesn’t matter who you are, if you don’t have a squeeze page that converts you won’t be able to build a list and without a list your internet marketing business is sure to fail.

Just like the battalion heading off to battle with tanks that break down after five miles, they aren’t going to win that battle.

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