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On Demand Genesis

On Demand Genesis

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Our focus is empowering organizations with a strategic architecture that allows them to achieve their visions, meet their financial objectives and optimize their staffing resources. We have expertise in multi-channel program development and implementation, so we’re able to help our clients create and implement everything from online communications solutions and interactive platforms, to mobile implementation and solutions, to custom applications. We also do systems analysis and recommendations that match needs to solutions in order to optimize return on expenditure.

For many clients their needs might fall into one of these categories.

Business Intelligence and Architecture Analysis

Our experts will interview key members of your staff to uncover the objective answers to these key questions. At the end of the program, you will have a complete, action oriented report that will outline where you are, where you could be, and provide some suggested steps of how to get there.

Architecture Analysis – Do your marketing, software and operational programs support your vision and objectives?
Reach Benchmarkgin – Are you speaking to and reaching everyone you should?
Communications Benchmarking – Are your communications programs providing the appropriate returns?
Messaging analysis – Are you saying the right things to the right people at the right times?
Competitive Benchmarking – How are you performing compared with your closest competitors?
Revenue analysis – Are your programs yielding the right revenues?

Digital Jumpstart

Web site – We conduct an extensive analysis of your web site needs, create a site strategy and architecture to support your custom requirements, provide custom content development where necessary, and finally polish and elegant UI/UX design and engineering. The goal is a dynamic, easy-to-update site that enables your staff to add content, change content and keep the site current going forward without additional technical assistance.
Social marketing – We analyze any social programs you currently have, benchmark your position in the social spheres, establish key social influencers that could jump start your audience and reach, and create a strategic content architecture for how to optimize your social presence. Outputs could include design, custom content development including photography and video, advertising and sponsor programs (if necessary), application development and custom design.
Mobile – Just because there can be an app for that doesn’t always mean there should be. We analyze the potential of the mobile marketing platform for your organization, refine that analysis into a core strategy and then recommend a solution. We can provide design, engineering and implementation, moving your application from concept all the way through publishing it to the iOS (Apple) and Android marketplaces. SMS and push notification strategies would be included.
Content – Much of the world today is driven by content. The more emotionally engaging, the more likely it will actually attract and retain someone’s attention. In addition to the channel work outlined above, we provide a complete content strategy for achieving the greatest reach and engagement through all digital channels.

Revenue Optimization

Fundraising – There are some folks who argue that fundraising isn’t marketing and visa versa. While we agree that direct-response fundraising requires special skill sets, we contend that fundraising needs to be an integral part of an organization’s marketing strategy. You cannot constantly ask for money alone without addressing the larger organizational topics as well. That requires channel strategy as well as communications strategy. We analyze your base, your base potential, your message (or “ask), and your channels. The outcome is a strategy that optimizes your revenue potential while minimizing your expenses.
Product sales – E-Commerce is a science. We analyze your sales cycles, mix, timing and channels to benchmark your performance and potential, as well as identifying any product gaps that offer additional revenue opportunity. When possible, we offer relational data models combined with predictive models that demonstrate potentials.
Services – Selling services online is difficult, which makes measurement even more tough. We analyze and identify where your services can be combined with action prompts that improve sales cycles, optimize order size and offer higher rates of retention.

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