Oil Trading Academy Code 1 Watch Page

Oil Trading Academy Code 1 Watch Page

Oil Trading Academy Code 1 Watch Page

Oil Trading Academy Code 1 Watch Page

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Oil Trading Academy Code 1 Watch Page…
After you have purchased my Oil Trading Academy Code 1 and you have received your welcome email, click on each videos picture and enter your username and password and watch each video one at a time within your web browser.


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Oil Trading Academy System 1


Oil Trading Video 1: Sunday GapLength 60:43Oil Trading Video 1: Sunday GapThis video will get you started with the power of gap trades, watch a 200 penny trade called out in advance right before your eyes. Learn how to take advantage of these gap plays. This first video will show you and teach you the power of the Sunday gaps, and exactly how to play them. This first video alone is very powerful and effective!

Oil Trading Academy Code 1Length 5:20Oil Trading Video 2: Gap SuccessIn this video you’ll see the outcome and success of the 200 penny gap trade the following Monday morning, called out 18 hours beforehand in the 1st video. This video will further instruct you and exactly what to look for and how to play them with similar outcomes and hit 200 penny trades with gap trades.

Oil Trading Academy Code 1Length 30:42Oil Trading Video 3: Teaching The CodeThis 3rd video will really start teaching you exactly how to start taking successful trades. You will see for yourself trades being taken, and all throughout the entire time you’ll be being instructed through the whole entire process, from beginning to end, so that you are not just hearing this information but you’re also seeing it at the same time. You will find this an invaluable tool for learning how to trade like a professional trader.

Oil Trading Academy Code 1Length 10:20Oil Trading Video 4: Recap So FarThis is a short recap video of everything you’ve learned so far, going over some important parts before you continue on with your education and ultimate goal of becoming a professional oil trader.

Oil Trading Academy Code 1Length 30:45Oil Trading Video 5: Code AsianThis 5th video will help you to learn how to trade the Asian session. Oil trades 24 hours per day all around the world, the Asian session starts roughly 7:00pm EST. This video will explain the benefits of trading this session as well as how to trade it properly, and some good strategies to use when trading this specific session.

Oil Trading Academy Code 1Length 19:22Oil Trading Video 6: Code EuropeThis 6th video will teach you the inside secrets to trading the Oil market, and take more trades for you showing you the power of using the secret code system. You will be amazed at the secrets you’ll be learning and watching it being applied in real-time to the Oil market, getting real world practical application of how this works, through repetition so that what we’re teaching you will really sink in.

Oil Trading Academy Code 1Length 29:27Oil Trading Video 7: Code TradesThis 7th video will really inspire you, you’ll see even more trades being demonstrated while we’re teaching you our breakthrough secret code system. You will be amazed at what you’re seeing, and you will be inspired, and for the first time in your life you’ll know you are well on your way to becoming a true professional oil trader.

JUNE 2015 UPDATE: Free Trade Code 1Length 43:24JUNE 2015 UPDATE: Free Trade Code 1This is an important update video done in June 2015 to show how to “free trade” code 1 and how easy it is to do. This will open up another dimension to trading the code and make it even easier to do. For those of you having trouble breaking the code each day this video is for you.

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS 02-16-15Length 2:11:09QUESTIONS & ANSWERS 02-16-15This is a recording of a questions and answers session I did with clients who wanted to ask me questions, so I held this session to answers questions pertaining to the code, these are probably questions you also have so by watching this video it will help to answer those questions for you. I think you’ll find this video very useful to you.




Product link:  http://tradersoffer.com/product/oil-trading-academy-code-1-watch-page/


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