Nuke 7 New Features

Nuke 7 New Features (2013)

Nuke 7 New Features

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Nuke 7 New Features
Nuke 7 is the largest release of Nuke in the history of The Foundry. Join author Steve Wright as he covers all of the big new features in Nuke 7 such as alembic support, the ModelBuilder node to build geometry from images, normals relighting with the Relight node, and a powerful new suite of nodes to turn your images with depth maps into 3D point clouds, and much more.
Nuke 7 New Features content:
Working with stereo in the RotoPaint node
Keyframe tracking
Exploring Primatte Keyer
Setting up and using Motion Blur
Adding depth of field with ZDefocus
Animating warps and morphs
Measuring and viewing deep data
Retiming a shot with optical flow
Tracking and point generation in the PointCloudGenerator
Creating separate cameras and points with the Camera Tracker
Setting up displacements
Modeling more complex geometry with the ModelBuilder node
Casting semitransparent shadows
Relighting renders


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