Nelson Berry – Million Dollar Month Subliminal | 2.07 GB

Nelson Berry – Million Dollar Month Subliminal | 2.07 GB

Nelson Berry – Million Dollar Month Subliminal | 2.07 GB


Earn ONE MILLION DOLLARS per MONTH with my Scientifically PROVEN Method

“Program YOUR Mind with The Worlds Most Advanced
Subliminal Video Programming System Designed To Increase YOUR Income
To A Million Dollar Month Quickly!

YOU can be one of the lucky few who earn ONE MILLION DOLLARS PER MONTH or more — even in a down economy. You don’t need “wealth systems” or “do nothing automation” or other money-maker strategies. What you DO need is a mind changing, scientifically PROVEN method for making you KNOW and BELIEVE you can be rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Not only will you believe, but you will suddenly have the ability to generate million dollar ideas and relationships. Everything will be EASY for you as you stroll to success you never thought possible.

What I’m offering you today will help you achieve exactly that. Keep reading to see how we are making our highly popular new subliminal system available at the LOWEST PRICE ever seen.

You Make Over $1,000,000 Per Month! You Have Over $1,000,000 In Cash & Are Now Richer Than Ever! You’re The Best You’ve Ever Been & Are More Powerful Than Ever! You’re Now Smoother In Technique, Experiencing The Best Luck Ever & HAVING FUN TOO!! After 3 Months in Beta Testing, The Fully Released: Million Dollar Month Subliminal Video.

”Huge New Accounts Coming Out of Nowhere!! I’ve have watched The Million Dollar Month Subliminal Video combined with ‘The 10-Minute Ritual’ writing exercise for 3 months. I increased my revenues substantially in each of the first 2 months and am on track to hit my goal, a million dollar month, this month! Amazing Work Nelson!! Thank You For Sharing Your Expertise with Us! Highly Recommended!” ‘
– Jim Thomas, Las Angeles, CA USA
Professionally produced subliminal messages flow over you, penetrating to the deepest, most hidden recesses of your mind. You don’t know exactly how these messages are working, but you feel a change deep within you in just the first few minutes. Keep using the system a few minutes each day to experience a massive change in your energy, your enthusiasm, your ability to generate amazing ideas, and your overall ability to achieve ANYTHING you desire including a ONE MILLION DOLLAR MONTHLY INCOME.

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When you use “The Million Dollar Month’ Subliminal Video combined with ‘The 10-Minute Ritual’ writing exercise, here’s what happens:

Your Income Skyrockets Right Before Your Very Eyes As You Program Yourself To Make $1,000,000 Per Month!

You Have A “Stash” Of Cash On Hand To Do Whatever You Want To With Your Life!

You Become Richer Than Ever And Amass True Wealth With Various Investments Of Your Careful Choosing!

You Enjoy A Life That Is ‘The Best It’s Ever Been’! There Is No Stopping You Now That You Know The Secret!

You Enjoy The True Power To Help Yourself, Your Family And Others In A New And Powerful Way…WITH CASH!

With your subconscious mind, this truly is a case of “The Son Teaching The Father” just as Your Thoughts Can Teach Your Subconscious Mind.

Just as pouring ice cold water on your head when you are sweating cools the entire body… Dropping subliminal commands into the subconscious mind changes your entire life in quantum-leap-success-type-ways that you could never have planned out. It is an infinite power that you connect to that will do the work for you and guide you to your goal. This unexplainable power pulls your goal to you.

This amazing transformation has been proven by thousands of our clients over two decades as the leader in subliminal messages.

You don’t have to do it all.

What you actually “do” is approximately 10% of the entire picture. The other 90% is done by your subconscious mind.

What happens if you PASS on this offer and do nothing? The flip side to this picture is that if you will have a subconscious mind that is mis-programmed. You will not be able to succeed in your dreams no matter how hard you try. You are stuck and will remain stuck UNTIL you re-program your subconscious mind with the correct direction. The good news is, this is VERY SIMPLE to do.

Would you believe that the reason everyone is not successful in life is that they won’t take 10 minutes out of their day to re-program their mind to achieve the results they dream about? It’s absolutely true!

When was the last time you dreamed of having a Million Dollar Month?

Now you have THE EXACT TOOL to make this dream a reality!

One thing we have learned over the last 20 years of Mind Programming is that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! ANYTHING!

You Can Have a Million Dollar Day IF You Are Programmed Correctly and Have “The Right Vehicle” In Place!

Once you are programmed correctly, “The Right Vehicle” will be revealed to you in a magical way!

Now, with the Million Dollar Month Subliminal Video, YOU CAN advantage your subconscious mind to truly believe:

I Make Over $1,000,000 Per Month!

I Have Over $1,000,000 In Cash!

I Am Now Richer Than Ever!

I Am The Best I Have Ever Been!

I Am More Powerful Than Ever!

I Am Now Smoother In Technique!

I Am Experiencing The Best Luck Ever!

My Life Is Fun Transforming Into Power!

I Love My Life!

I Love My Power!

I Love My Self!

I Love My Health!

I Love My Growth!

I Love My Wealth!

Those are the exact audio AND video subliminal commands on the Million Dollar Month Subliminal Video.

When YOU Believe, YOU DO!

Phenomenal Subliminal Message Video BREAKTHROUGH!

The AMAZING Million Dollar Month VIDEO

“It’s Like Having Your Own Guardian Angel hovering in your corner, always right over you, always giving you Amazing Lucky Breaks, and virtually forcing you to earn MILLIONS without breaking a sweat.”

Watch these professionally produced and highly enjoyable videos for JUST 10 Minutes per day! You’ll feel the warm power of finely crafted subliminal directives taking over your mind, shaping your beliefs, extinguishing your doubts, and SUDDENLY GIFTING YOU WITH MASSIVE UNRELENTING INCOME!

These Professionally Produced Subliminal Videos are scientifically proven to work. Their unmatched POWER and EFFECTIVENESS has been experienced by our THOUSANDS of highly successful customers worldwide.

“I used The Subliminal Videos for 90 days. I went from “OK” to ‘I need to find somewhere to put all this money’… IN 90 DAYS! I am very Grateful to YOU Nelson for giving me this chance!!!” — Tom Petersen of Phoenix, AZ USA

HURRY! Licensing agreements for this remarkable footage LIMITS us to just a very few hundred of these. We usually SELL OUT within a day or two. This page will only remain active as long as we have a video available for YOU.

Order and DOWNLOAD Your Copy NOW for Immediate Use and Personal Benefit!

Fully Guaranteed to Produce Results for YOU!

High Quality Images

Roll your mouse over the thumbnail images to see the image quality.

Only a Few Hundred Copies Will Be Sold! …Then this spectacular life changing subliminal production will be gone forever!

No tricks. No gimmicks. Nothing else to buy.

You get everything you need for an incredibly low price… twelve bucks.

We know times are tuff for a lot of people and didn’t want price to be a problem.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to try our systems out without a large cash outlay.

We normally charge $39.00 for new video releases, but not this one.

This one is only twelve bucks.

Here’s what you get with your purchase!

Million Dollar Month Video Download

Million Dollar Month Video Online (We have high quality streaming HD online so you can watch from any computer in HD!)

Exact Instructions on How To Use The Video

How To Do “The 10 Minute Ritual” Written Exercise.

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