Neil strauss – Advanced Kino And Massage

Neil strauss - Advanced Kino And Massage

Neil strauss – Advanced Kino And Massage

Advanced Kino and Massage” with Gypsy & Evolve:

One guiding principle that will make women more comfortable with your touch.
How to create an environment conducive to kino escalation that appeals to all of a woman’s senses.
The secret to telling a DHV story to root your kino massage.
A pressure point technique you use in isolation at a bar or on a Day Two to open her up to your touch and her touching you.
How to get her to give you a massage!
Why always having two hands on a women will alleviate her nervous tension.
A seductive transition from massage to kiss close.
Why you want to SEED that you’ve learned massage before offering a woman a massage.
A introduction to hand reflexology, a unique way to safely kino a woman.
How to cold read a woman’s body based on the tension in her hand.
A never fail transition from hand massage to kiss close.
Built in kino escalation that moves from the hand, up the arm, to her face and lips.
Gypsy’s Chakra kiss close that ties into massage and cold reading.

A PUA knows exactly how, where, and when to touch a woman. The techniques on this DVD show you how to bridge the invisible touching gap between you and her. It’ll teach you how to seamlessly move from light playful touching to massage, all the way to kissing and beyond

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