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Naked PLR

Naked PLR

Naked PLR Review

Naked PLR was launched by Jeremy Burns in June 2008. The first 5 Naked PLR products were free and were included as a Fast Action Bonus for those that purchased a copy of SourceCode Goldmine 6 early enough to qualify. The site has been going strong since June 2008 to the present day (January 2012) delivering either 4 or 5 Naked PLR products each month. Naked PLR aim is to give you these products without sales letters or graphics, hence the naked part. The idea at launch was that without these items you are then forced to create a unique product, certainly on the outside, which in turn lowers your competition. The clue really is in the title Naked Private Label Rights!

Naked PLR Products

So, as I previously mentioned you get 4 or 5 products each month but what do you get in these products. Lets take one of the first products from June 2008 on the iPhone and see. Inside the zip file which is a small 512KB you get the PLR ebook in doc format, a fast action idea pdf file, a product analysis pdf file and a folder which contains 25 articles on the subject in both txt and doc formats. The ebook is 38 pages long and covers a vast array of subjects in 8 chapters. The articles are in the region of 600-700 words each and cover different areas when compared to the ebook which is always nice, as stated Naked PLR includes 25 of these in plain text and word document versions. 25 appears to be the number that a lot of marketers these days choose to include when it comes to articles. These can be used like any other PLR article that you have on your hard drive and how you use them is totally up to you. You could in theory extend the ebook with these articles but the best bet is to edit them and use them in your marketing efforts.

The Naked PLR Fast action idea file contains a number of ideas that you can use the ebook and articles for. This document gives you heading ideas, content ideas and bullet points all for your sales letters. The Naked PLR research pdf does all of the hard research work for you, including google keyword research for you along with possible book descriptions, keywords and even google adword adverts pre written.

NAKED PLR really is a gem amongst similar memberships

For the small sum of a month you get all of the above mentioned documents for 4 to 5 products. The charter membership at launch was just which was a real bargin. Unfortuantly this isnt available anymore so its the increased price if you choose to subscribe.  I think Jeremy Burns has created a real gem with Naked PLR. The idea that you have to start from scratch has been dispelled and with each of these monthly products you are already a couple of rungs up the ladder. You also have a really good start to create your own unique product. I say unique because although the ebook may be the same, the images and sales letter will be your own handy work, this can only be good.

Naked PLR Verdict.

I have given Naked PLR 4.7 out of 5 in total. Our decision has been made up of a 5 for the product quality, 5 for the price when I bought in, 4 for support as support tickets can take a while to be answered and 5 for the timeliness of releases. Overall I think that Naked PLR is a great membership to be part of, however you need to work to make money here as the packages dont include images or sales pages, which I think is a good thing.

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