My New Getting Clients WSO (Establishing Credibility – except)

My New Getting Clients WSO ((Establishing Credibility - except)

My New Getting Clients WSO (Establishing Credibility – except)

Remember that fun txt file I wrote and shared with a few people, only to find my exact text copied and pasted into a WSO of the Day that sold over $10,000. Yeah, me too. Anyways, that encouraged me to write a full course on Client Generation. This is a very hot topic, as it is one of the hardest parts of running your own company. It will contain each and every technique I’ve used in the past that has worked, including that 10k CL method. I’ll even be sharing what I’m doing now that is forcing me to make my company scale better.

Not a sales pitch, as I’m sure it will be in the DL section in due time, which I’m perfectly fine with. (It’s not coming out for a few weeks anyways).

This is a quick except from the “Establishing Credibility” section.

Starting out in SEO Consulting can be tough. It’s sort of the “Catch-22” situation where clients want to see the work you’ve done for other clients before signing on, yet you have no clients as you’re just starting up. Your first client is definitely the toughest, but after that it becomes a whole lot easier.

A few ways to build credentials

1. Use your own sites. If you know what you’re doing with SEO, you’re bound to have some of your own sites ranking. The potential client doesn’t care who owns the site, as long as it’s ranking well and it’s because of you.

2. Family and Friends. I highly recommend not charging family and friends, but rather offer them the service for free and only ask for them to become a reference for you. Spend a few dollars/hours on SEO, and get their site moving. One of the first sites I moved up to #1 was for a cousin of mine. I spent maybe $20 and an hour of my time and moved him from the bottom of the first page to the top.

3. Local businesses. Post on Craigslist or other classified site. Offer SEO for free or at a very steep discount. Your first client(s) shouldn’t be about profit margins. Think of them as an investment in the future of your business, and focus on getting results. A quality and happy reference is worth way more than the monthly SEO payment from them. Make sure you clearly lay out terms such as expected results, time frame for services, and the agreement to have them used as a reference.
Tip: Don’t say you worked on sites that you didn’t, and don’t take money from clients unless you’re confident you can get them the results they’re after. Reputation is everything in business, and what takes years to build can be ruined in a matter of minutes.


Plenty more to come, I just figured that was one of the most important parts. If you have nothing to show potential clients, or can’t prove that your methods work; you might as well not be in front of them.

Hope it helps.


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