Multi-Media Marketing – Don’t compete. Dominate Your Market

Multi-Media Marketing – Don’t compete. Dominate Your Market

Multi-Media Marketing – Don’t compete. Dominate Your Market

Multi-Media Marketing – Don’t compete. Dominate Your Market

Name Product: Multi-Media Marketing – Don’t compete. Dominate Your Market
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COST: $197= Your Free
Author: iMarketer Training


Welcome, I am glad you took this wise decision to become an internet marketing expert! Well done! This is the first step

towards dominating your market with multi-media marketing.

This course is your one stop shop for all channels available online, so then you can dominate your market. Nowadays,

following competitors and checking out what they are doing and trying to compete with them, all of these don’t make sense

anymore. Why? Simply, because there are too many of them!

Instead, spend time and resources on dominating all the internet channels and stand out from the crowd.

That’s the most important thing. But first…

You should know that learning the internet marketing basics is critical in preparing to become an internet marketing

expert from scratch. Whether you want to build a career in internet marketing or you want to use internet marketing as a

method of building your business, a good deal of study and much hard work is required.

You need to start with the basics of email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and pay per click

marketing. Once you pull the pieces together, you can have a rewarding career as an internet marketing expert.


In this ‘Become an Internet Marketing Expert from Scratch!’ full package of courses you will find 3 the most important

fields to your learning:

– Search Engine Marketing

The first course in our Mini Package will give you insights to Search Engine Optimization and help you manage PPC with

Google AdWords campaigns that deliver outstanding results at a minimum cost.

You will learn pay per click advertising through Google AdWords as it is a great method of increasing online sales of your

products and services. We will give you all required maths to tune your PPC ads.

– Social Media Marketing

This course will teach you the ins and outs of Social Media Marketing and will help you to create your own Social Media

strategy on what you need to do next for your business/company and learn how to implement it.

With this course you will have the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned and set up the relevant Social Media

networks and tools.

– Email Marketing

Email marketing can accomplish a broad spectrum of marketing objectives from branding to lead generation. In this course

we will cover the basics as well as functional components of email messages.

Each course is easy to chew, as it’s structured in 8 video lessons. Totaling 50+ lectures. One lecture will take around 5

-10 minutes. The entire package clocks in around 7 hours. So, why not to learn new skills over the nearest weekend?

– Content Marketing

Learn content marketing as great content is crucial for your business. It must be engaging and share-able to go viral.

With content marketing principles you can easily tell your story; write a blog post with a personal touch, create a video

showing your daily grind. By being transparent to your followers, you will likely gain and even greater audience by making

known who you are and what you want to accomplish with your business.

And much more…

Courses include:

10 to 15 minutes of audio/video training each lecture

Case Studies and Practical built-in Tests

Interviews with Thought Leaders

Step by Step Webinar on How to Create Your Own Online Marketing Plan

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