Monte Zucker – Intro To Photography Class

Monte Zucker - Intro To Photography Class

Monte Zucker - Intro To Photography Class

Monte Zucker – Intro To Photography Class

Light: You can’t start learning Photography until you “see the light”

EXPOSURE: You must tell the camera how much light to see

ISO: A little or a lot of Sensitivity.
Shutter Speed: Fast or Slow
Aperture: Open Wide or Closed Down
Learn your stops so you can GO!

The Tradeoffs: Each lighting consideration involves compromises

ISO: Grain/Noise and Clarity
Shutter Speed: Stopping Motion and Capturing Movement
Aperture: Focus and Blur

“Seeing” Light Like a Camera: Your camera sees less light than you do

5 stops: Sliding it left or right.
Contrast: Why your photos look different than what you see
Color Temperature: Not Hot or Cold, but Blue or Orange

Composition: Placing your subject in the frame using the following principles

Rule of Thirds
Leading Lines
Negative Space

Lenses: More than a helping hand, they pass the light along to the camera’s sensor

Focus: Blurry or Sharp
Focal Length: Wide or Telephoto
Zooms vs. Fixed/Primes
Perspective: Squash them together or move them apart
Distortion: Making Thin Into Fat

Shooting Modes: A thorough explanation of what your camera has to offer

Auto: use it once-never use it again
Aperture Priority: Lock your Depth of Field
Shutter Priority: Lock your Motion Preference
Manual: Take complete control


Natural Light: And God said: “Let There Be Light.”
Reflectors: Bouncing light to where you need it
Move your feet: Placing the subject in the best light
Fill Flash: Backlighting’s Best Friend
Backlighting: Sometimes good, sometimes bad
On-Camera Flash: Good, but.
Off-Camera Flash: Better!

Digital Photography Fundamentals

Megapixels and Resolution: Size doesn’t always matter
JPEG/RAW: File Size vs. Flexibility
White Balance: Don’t look blue if you’re not blue
Histogram: Kind of like the Map of Life

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