MITx 6.002X Circuits and Electronics (Spring 2013 – week 10-14)(2013)

MITx 6.002X Circuits and Electronics

MITx 6.002X Circuits and Electronics (Spring 2013 – week 10-14)(2013)

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Electronics, Physics

The course introduces engineering in the context of the lumped circuit abstraction. Topics covered include: resistive elements and networks;

independent and dependent sources; switches and MOS transistors; digital abstraction; amplifiers; energy storage elements; dynamics of first- and second-order networks; design in the time and frequency domains; and analog and digital circuits and applications. Design and lab exercises are also significant components of the course. You should expect to spend approximately 10 hours per week on the course.

If you successfully complete the course, you will receive an electronic certificate of accomplishment from MITx. This certificate will indicate that you earned it from MITx’s pilot course. In this prototype version, MITx will not require that you be tested in a testing center or otherwise have your identity certified in order to receive this certificate.

Courses list:
Week 11 – Filters · 1.36 GB
Week 11 – Time Domain Versus Frequency Domain Analysis · 142.63 MB
Week 12 – Operational Amplifier Circuits · 333.04 MB
Week 12 – The Operational Amplifier Abstraction · 1.24 GB
Week 13 – Energy and Power · 466.71 MB
Week 13 – Op Amps Positive Feedback · 1.04 GB
Week 14 – Breaking the Abstraction Barrier · 827.51 MB
Week 14 – Energy and CMOS Design · 725.04 MB

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