Mike Capuzzi – High Impact Marketing Club

Mike Capuzzi – High Impact Marketing Club

Mike Capuzzi – High Impact Marketing Club

Price : $695
Just pay : $82
Sale Page :  https://web.archive.org/web/20150311020412/http://mikecapuzzi.com/high-impact-marketing

Buy Here: http://offercourse.com/product/mike-capuzzi-high-impact-marketing-club/
Contact to Support via Skype: jackkie909 | Email: [email protected]

Product Description:

The High Impact Marketing Club is the culmination of the last 21 years I’ve spent in the marketing game and it’s a treasure chest of “classic Capuzzi-inspired strategies” that solve the frustration of marketing that doesn’t work.

Each month, High Impact Marketing Club members receive my guidance, opinions, ideas and motivation for creating remarkable marketing to attract new prospects and customers…… leverage existing customers better…… and create more profitable relationships!

The High Impact Marketing Club has three convenient membership levels (Elite, Elite Plus and Prime) to give you exactly what you need and the two Elite membership levels offer a convenient two-payment option, which allows you to “test drive” the High Impact Marketing Club for 28 days for a low price.  Elite and Elite Plus are 12 month term memberships and Prime is a month-to-month membership.

Benefit #1 – High Impact Marketing Academy enrollment (NEW!)

    • Marketing school for business owners
    • Every other month you may attend a specialized, High Impact Marketing training, via webinar, at no additional cost via the live training sessions or the recording (or both)
    • 2015 trainings to include:
    • High Impact Marketing with CopyDoodles
    • High Impact Direct Mail
    • High Impact Marketing Funnels


Benefit #2 – “Open Mike” webinars

    • Every other month I will host a LIVE, member-only forum, via webinar, for you to ask questions and get valuable feedback for your business


Benefit #3 – Dan Kennedy’s LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER copywriting newsletter

    • If you want to learn how to write better copy – this is the newsletter you want!
    • I have been getting it since 2009 (read this article for more details)
    • Elite members receive a vintage issue, from 2004, each month in print-ready PDF format
    • Prime members receive the vintage 2004 issue (digitally) and the 2015 print issue (via mail) for that current month


Benefit #4 -CopyDoodles Success Interviews

    • Every other month you will receive a special video presentation and PDF transcript with a smart business owner and their use of CopyDoodles


Benefit #5 – CopyDoodles Design Guides (NEW!)

    • Every other month you will receive a valuable CopyDoodles Guide for Effective Marketing Design in print-ready PDF format
    • Specialized guides show you how create more effective looking print and digital marketing
    • Print marketing topics include advertising, brochures, business cards, postcards, sales letters and more
    • Digital marketing topics include emails, PowerPoints, squeeze pages, web sites and more

Benefit #6 – High Impact Marketing Resource Directory

    • Access to my list of “Capuzzi-endorsed” vendors, suppliers and resources
    • Each offers a special, High Impact Marketing member-only discount
    • E.g. transcriptionists, designers, copywriters, website designers, software programmers, etc.
    • Add up one or two of the savings discounts you get from this and you could easily pay for a year or two of the High Impact Marketing Club!


Benefit #7 – The Smart Ideas  newsletter & marketing template

    • This easy and quick-to-read and quick-to-implement newsletter is like no other marketing newsletter out there
    • Each laser-focused issue not only shows you what you should be doing, but also gives you the templates to do it!
    • Business owners love Smart Ideas!
    • Elite Plus members receive this electronically in print-ready PDF format
    • Prime members receive the current print issue via the Postal Service


Benefit #8 – CopyDoodles Access Club membership with access to:

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