Michael J. Lavery – Whole Brain Power

Michael J. Lavery - Whole Brain Power

Michael J. Lavery - Whole Brain Power

Michael J. Lavery – Whole Brain Power


If you are new to Whole Brain Power and want to enjoy a Better Memory * Higher Mood Elevation * A Deeper Night Sleep * Bolder Confidence In Social Situations * Super-Powered Attention * Razor Sharp Focus * Greater Functional Strength * Better Language & Verbal Communication * Less Stress * Faster Reaction Time In Athletics and Greater Control and Steadiness In Your Hands, you need to consider this groundbreaking new information below.

This is a special introductory offer for the new Whole Brain Power practitioner is a great place to start.  You simply cannot get this package anywhere else for one low investment of $67.

You’re going to love what this information can do for you.  I’ve never been as excited about a product more than Michael J. Lavery’s Whole Brain Power Coaching.


Michael J. Lavery is a pioneer in the field of applied neuroscience and brain function. He has over 25 years experience in research in the plasticity of the human brain and how overall whole brain power potential can be harnessed. Coach Lavery has been featured on the front cover of the Orange County Register and has been twice interviewed by The BBC radio program.

Michael has appeared on the David Letterman Show, and made ESPN Sport’s Center Top Ten Plays of the Day.  He also has been featured in prominent newspaper and magazine articles about his pioneering ambidexterity skills in the sports of tennis and golf.

Coach Lavery also holds eight hand to eye coordination world records from Universal Records Data Base. He is an internationally renowned brain coach and trainer to athletes from all walks of life.

Michael J. Lavery was one of the first men to describe direct relationships to brain growth in the central nervous system and how it relates to across the board ambidexterity training, memory enhancement and dual handed fine motor controls of penmanship skills.

This breakthrough is now being connected to the theory that the hands actually grow the brain and that this growth is due in major part to the myelination process. This in turn now changes the brain and body chemistry resulting in increased muscle mass and muscle density.

Lavery’s clients report major strides and improvements in endeavors such as improved academic performance, golf, tennis, baseball, playing musical instruments, communications skills and enhanced short term memory processing,

Other benefits include mood elevation, greater capacity to focus, enhanced sleep, less stress, faster reaction time in sports and greater control and steadiness in the hands, Michael is a proud father of four boys and currently practices in Laguna Beach California.

Sale Page: http://www.wholebrainpowercoaching.com/WBP.html

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