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[center]Michael Hall - Accelerated Learning
[b]Michael Hall – Accelerated Learning[/b]

Name Product: Michael Hall – Accelerated Learning [2 DVDs – 1 pdf ] Author: Michael Hall
Size: 896.02 MB
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L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. & Bobby G. Bodenhamer, D.Min.

* Do you know how to grab a book and suck all of the learnings and vital information out of it?
* Would you like to learn the Art of Absorbing Ideas from Books and Trainings?
* Does Book Learning or High Level Concepts turn you Off or On?
* How Ferocious or Effective are you as a Learner?
* How does this effect your earnings, sales, career, relationship, understandings, etc.?
* Would you like to learn like the experts learn?

When you Learn How to Really Learn

* You cut your learning curve for new knowledge in half or a fourth.
* You experience the joy & delight of learning itself
* You activate the Skills of Accelerated Learning
* You learn quicker, more thoroughly, and more permanently.
* This increases your effectiveness, your intelligence, your creativity, and your problem solving skills
* You become a ferocious or passionate learner that doesn’t back off from following your Dreams and Making your Visions come true
* You eliminate those blocks and limitations that have been sabotaging your own natural brilliance.

And then … from that you can expect to –

* Make more money and increase your wealth
* Make Smarter Business and Personal Decisions
* Use your God-Given Intelligence for More insight
* Experience richer and fuller relationships
* Solve problems in half the time
* Access the strategy of Wisdom

The Meta-Accelerated Learning Training

Part I – Introduction to Accelerated Learning Skills using NLP & Meta-States

Preparing For Accelerated Learning:

1) The Accessing Art: Accessing a Strong Learning State

State Accessing & Managing
Handling Neuro-Linguistic Mind-Body States
Running Your Own Brain & States #101

2) Meta-Stating Your Strong Learning State

Texture and Qualify your learning state with Higher Resources
Relaxation, Alertness, Questioning, Appreciation, etc.
The NLP Learning Strategy

3) The Strategy of Learning: Representationally Tracking

The VAK nature of “thoughts” and Awareness
Learn How to Video-Think
Suspending Beliefs & Judgments to Give “Understanding” a Chance

4) Managing Thought Balls

The Intention-Attention Distinction
Flowing with the Awareness Stream
Recognizing “thoughts” as disruptive at the Primary Level


5) Meta-Learning: Learning about Learning

7 Dynamic Learning Principles every Learner Needs to Know about

6) Re-Defining Yourself as a Ferociously Effective Learner

Swishing to the You as an Effective Learner

Part II – Advanced Meta-Accelerated Learning Training (As time allows)

1) Focus: the Art of “Genius” Learning

The Strategy for any Genius State
Environment Control for Learning Excellence
The Art of Screening Out (Shifting Your Meta-Program)

2) Accelerated Learning Beliefs

Frames for Learning
Thinking about your Learning from an Empowering Belief Standpoint
Meta-Yesing the New Beliefs

3) Creative Problem-Solving

Understanding the phenomenon of a “Problem”
Shifting to Solution thinking
Meta-Stating yourself for Creative thinking
The Einstein Pattern

4) The Strategy of Implementation

The power and focus of Oriented for “Implementation”
Skills and Strategies that install Implementation

5) The “Wisdom” Strategy

Perceptual Positions
Meta-Stating yourself and your learning to evoke the Gestalt of “Balance”

(c)1999 Bobby G. Bodenhamer and L. Michael Hall All rights reserved.

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