MET-Rx 180 – Transforming Every Body Workout

MET-Rx 180 – Transforming Every Body Workout

MET-Rx 180 – Transforming Every Body Workout

MET-Rx 180 – Transforming Every Body Workout

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How does the MET-Rx 180 program work? What really sets this program apart from most of the other ones I’ve tried is the fact that it’s not just some ebook for you to read and digest. If you’ve tried those types of products, then you know just how frustrating it can be to decipher some of the confusing instructions while trying to workout at the same time. Personally, I always find myself giving up on these programs after a while and tend to avoid them altogether. With MET-Rx 180, you are visually guided through each workout routine and Frank Sepe offers lots of support and motivation throughout.

In total there are 16 different workouts spread out over 12 DVD’s. On top of this, there’s also an advanced ab routine included if you feel the need for some extra toning around the mid section. Altogether, the entire workout program is broken down into 3 distinct phases that last 30 days each:

In phase 1 you will be focusing on total body conditioning. This will get beginners accustomed to exercising on a regular basis and get you prepared for the more advanced levels.

After this comes phase 2 which is all about shaping and sculpting your body. During this time the focus is placed on ramping up the intensity levels and giving your body that lean and defined “Hollywood” look.

Last but not least is the definition phase 3 which will take you to an even greater level of intensity by placing the focus on building lean muscle tissue. Adding more muscle to your body will help to significantly boost your metabolism and will allow you to burn more calories throughout the day – even while you’re watching TV or sleeping.
The MET-Rx 180 Transforming Every Body Program is based a combination of weight resistance training and cardio exercises. The exercise combined with a proper nutrition and meal plan will work synergistically to sculpt your body and burn away unwanted body fat

It is a well-rounded fitness system that can help you shape your entire body from every angle and build lean muscles. By working out 5 to 6 days a week with rest days on Sunday, you can achieve tremendous results in only 90 days. The The workouts were created so that even those with hectic lifestyle can have time. Each workout is just between 30 minutes to an hour.

Even those who are in poor shape or haven’t really exercised in a long time can still complete the MET-Rx 180 program. The workouts are separated into 3 different phases, which lasts 90 days each. The first 30 days will help condition your body for the true workouts ahead. All the equipment needed to complete the program is included.

The Three Phases

The first 30 days of the workout are known as the Conditioning Phase. These workouts help you condition your body for the remainder of the program, making it easier to adapt to the workouts.

The second phase is the Shaping Phase. They will fire up your metabolism with specific exercises that constantly challenge your muscles and makes them stronger.

The third and final phase is the Definition Phase. It supercharges your calorie burn rate and helps you build lean muscles and burn more calories.

The three phases combined will work every major muscle group of the body from different angles and at different intensity levels. As a result you will get a balanced and attractive body.
Can I also say that this was such a bargain?? For everything I received, I couldn’t believe it was so inexpensive.

After performing the workouts in the METRx program for one full month, I feel like I got my money’s worth. I’m pretty fit and work out several times a week, but I still felt like this program added some variety to my routine and pushed me pretty hard. I supplement this with pilates and ballet classes. I was primarily looking to further tone up my arms and abs, and I love my results thus far. I feel like this program isn’t as intense as the other programs out there (like P90X) and that it really focuses on building people up instead of throwing intense high-impact cardio at viewers straight out of the gate. The DVDs are well-paced, so I never fall behind. Also, workouts vary in time – you could be working out for 30 minutes or 60 depending on the day if you follow the schedule for these DVDs.
My one complaint is that sometimes the counts are off during the workouts. I just count on my end so I’m not doing less reps than I am supposed to.
If you’re looking for super intense cardio workouts, something similar to P90X or T25, this isn’t it. It’s still a great set though.
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MET-Rx 180 – It’s not just a workout program. It’s a results-oriented personal trainer, a nutritionist, a knowledgeable workout partner, and a sophisticated home or mobile gym…all in one. The only fitness program approved by ISSA in its 23 year history! Program will show you how to workout the right way, and at the levels of intensity that are right for you.

No matter what your fitness level is, this is the program for you. MET-Rx 180 is a comprehensive series of 16 workouts that will help you achieve the body transformation you are after. MET-Rx 180 is based on training principles that have been tested and proven, yet never before have been put into a complete, step-by-step home fitness program. We’re taking workout techniques and strategies that top fitness professionals practice in gyms across the country and will now bring them into your home.

The MET-Rx 180 Transforming Every Body Program will motivate, inspire, fuel and transform you in just 90 days. It explains everything including the workouts and the nutritional guidelines designed and give you the lean, toned, sexy body you’ve always wanted. It will also give you the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition that will last you a lifetime. Stay in the Game and before you know it, you will have the body you always wanted!

The kit includes 12 Disc DVD Series featuring 16 workouts, Nutrition Guide, Fitness Guide, 90-Day Workout Tracker, Workout Schedule.

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