Mastering Indifference by Brent Smith & Steve L

Mastering Indifference by Brent Smith & Steve L

Mastering Indifference by Brent Smith & Steve L

Mastering Indifference by Brent Smith & Steve L

Its Steve L & Brent smith. Both go in detail why its important to be indifferent and carefree and explains how we can be indifferent in different life situations. Be it work, relationships, family, etc.

“This is a fascinating conversation about indifference, matrix, attachments and so much more. I liked it a lot because it goes in-depth about these concepts and I’m sure I’ll be listening to this again and again. Anyone who wants to live free of attachments in the matrix (which should be everyone) should get this and listen to it right away.Thanks Brent and Steve.”

-“Brent and Steve,
This rocks. At what I first thought would just be a classic rundown of things I’d heard before turned out to be a robust trip down the rabbit hole, and I really appreciate that your intention was to describe the elusive nature of indifference in as many ways as you could think of. I had multiple a-ha moments, and I am excited to listen again for an even deeper understanding. PS I think calling it Carefreeness is the new way to go! Cheers”

-“This is superb.
I got a lot of value out of the realization that you can be passionate about life yet remain indifferent to the outcomes/results. Also, the stuff on wealthy people being unhappy due to their attachments was very profound. Ties in perfectly with The Archetypal Male program.”

-“This is a great audio, definitely get hold of it if you haven’t!
I have noticed the past few days being more care-free, just a kind of looking at events and things that I was bothered about/attached to and being like… oh well, whatever, no big deal.”

-“Wow (Steve n Brent) ..Just the matrix part alone rocked my world. And never seen Brent open up like that..this is amazing. Carefreeness is my path, and this is just the first 50 minutes! 2 hours of madness to go… Yea just finished the rest lastnight, this is the key to happiness 100%. Everybody needs to get this and start implementing it, it’ll make you be amazing and sexy man, that people want to be around”

-“Being the Mayor turned me into a social god…

To begin with, I haven’t been social too much at all. Not really leaving the TV set etc..Kind of nervous around People etc.. But…After applying the Mastering Indifference class, and being the Mayor etc. (And my story) Wow is all I can say..
(Ps:been doing MI and my story for about a week 1/2)..
Being the Mayor: Went to new years eve party (not carimg about hooking up).. felt a little out of place but reminded myself to relax and let go and be free. Started to not give a fuck. And within about an hour I let go and felt socially free. Asked 4 the time, asked a group if the seat was taken. I started being the mayer, it was crazy. And i figured out…It really doesnt matter what you are saying to people its the vibe. You give off this carefree, confident vibe, and the words come out naturally. It all goes back to YOUR REALITY,(Story) and Not caring, being care-free about things. As for Attraction, effortless, women throw themselves at you, its in their whole demeanor, but you cant care about Hooking up etc. The words Dont matter its your Vibe. Good luck guys.”

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