Mass Video Blaster PRO Cracked Latest Version

Mass Video Blaster PRO Cracked Latest Version

Mass Video Blaster PRO Cracked Latest Version

Name Product: Mass Video Blaster PRO Cracked Latest Version

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Price: $967

Upload your videos  like a real PRO

The leading YouTube Marketing Software: 12,698 clients rely on Mass Video Blaster to upload their videos.

Multiple Account Support
Schedule your uploads
Check your video rankings and statistics

What is new in Mass Video Blaster PRO?

After Mass Video Blaster created history in the YouTube marketing niche, it’s time to evolve and do things like a real PRO.
Two years ago, you needed a tool to help you upload videos on different accounts, to add your own watermark, to be able to upload the same video file many times without seeing the duplicate content file, and re-upload the deleted videos.
Time has passed, and a ton of new features were added in the original Mass Video Blaster(we released over 130 updates, to add all the features that you’ve requested).
Now we decided to create a PRO version, to be able to add all the features that the old Mass VideoBlaster framework didn’t allow us to add.
You needed a way to track your views and generate statistics and charts to see how your videos are performing. We are giving you all of this and more in our built-in statistics dashboard.
A lot of you were uploading videos promoting your TV Series blogs. You had to upload each week the new episodes to YouTube, now you can schedule when you want your videos to be uploaded.
In the old Mass Video Blaster some of you told us that it was kind of hard to assign on which account your videos will be uploaded, we create a new “Assign accounts” system from scratch. Now it’s so easy to assign the accounts that even a two-year-old kid could do it.
As all of you already know, the first thing that anybody who is searching on YouTube sees is the thumbnail, now you set your thumbnails directly from Mass Video Blaster PRO.
Another cool feature that we’ve added to Mass Video Blaster PRO is generating audio track from your description. If you check this setting, MVB PRO automatically creates an audio track from your description and add it to your video.
Branding your videos is an important aspect for any YouTube Marketer, in the old MVB you could add your own watermark, now you can also append an intro movie.
The current clients who are using MVB for BH marketing, constantly have to check MVB to see if any video/how many videos were deleted and re-uploaded by MVB, now with our new built-in email system, Mass Video Blaster PRO will send you an email alert when more then X videos are removed.

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