Marlon Sanders – Big Book of Secrets

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Marlon Sanders - Big Book of Secrets

Marlon Sanders – Big Book of Secrets


English + MP4 + PDF + MP3 + 418 MB
There are a total of 32 SECRETS in this book.
Let’s say that you pick out the 10 best secrets that are most applicable to you and your situation right now. You apply them the best as you can. Five work a little but nothing great. Three are really good. Two are blockbuster.
What could that mean to you? If it were only an AVERAGE per each of the 10 secrets of $1,000 each, that would be a total of $10,000 in value. Cut it in half and it’s still $5,000 of value.
Let’s say that over the next 2 years each secret was worth a modest figure like $250 to you.
That would be $8,000 of value.
Or let’s say you use only 1 secret per month for the next year. And let’s say each secret only makes you a ridiculously small amount of $100, given only a modest effort. In 12 months, that’s still $1,200 or $2400 in 24 months.
Stated differently, if I just handed you $1200, would you turn it down?
I’m not giving away my car, my house to bribe affiliates into promoting this product. I’m just not. Some of the modern Internet marketing hype makes me want to vomit. I just can’t do it. So really, the ONLY way I have to promote this product and make it stand out in the swampland of Internet hype was to make the content REAL, practical, unique and rare.
I’m betting that there are still affiliates and people out there who actually care about the content of a product….who are still passionate about great marketing ideas…..who will still promote, endorse or spread the word about a product because they love it, and not because they’re doing to win $25,000 cash or some insane prize….and that’s why I’m relying on you to spread the word.

These are stories, secrets, things that could only come from me and my life. They are the cream of the crop of everything I know. I’m proud to give them to you. And I’ll be grateful if they not only help you in your business, group or organization but if you become an ambassador and help me spread the word in a grassroots way about this product.

Marlon Sanders Big Book of Secrets Contains: Videos, PDF´s, Audio
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