Mark Manson – Connection Program

Mark Manson - Connection Program

Mark Manson – Connection Program

If you’re considering purchasing this course, it’s important that you have the right expectations about what it covers. This isn’t a course designed specifically at teaching you dating skills, but about how to connect better with everyone you meet. Of course you can use the skills you learn to help you connect with women, but it has further reaching benefits than just that.

At the end of the course, Mark Manson talks a little about how the lessons contained here have been the best thing he’s ever learned. That they have allowed him to improve his relationships with his family, women and everyone he meets. So if you’re looking for a way to be able to communicate and connect with people more powerfully, you should find this interesting.

If you’re wanting a course that focuses more on pickup lines and how to attract women, this isn’t for you. But Mark has a lot of experience with women from when he was more involved with the dating community, and a couple of his other products that are worth checking out are Models: Attract Women Through Honesty and The Fearless Dating Course.

Mark himself points out that the skills taught in this course aren’t enough on their own to get into sexual relationships with women. That if you just focus solely on building a deep connection with women and you don’t sexualise the interaction, you’re likely to end up in the friend zone. And some of the students feedback after certain lessons verified this – they had deep conversations with a woman but then she just wanted to be friends.

That doesn’t discount the value of this course though, as it will have positive effects on how you relate to women. It just means that this isn’t a complete system for talking to women and getting sexual with them. If you learn from some other products about approaching and attracting women, as well as how to be more sexual, this product will complement that knowledge really well.

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