Mark Ford – Creating Wealth

Mark Ford – Creating Wealth

Mark Ford – Creating Wealth

Mark Ford – Creating Wealth

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In Creating Wealth, New York Times best-selling business author Mark Ford shares his best ideas on generating wealth and living rich (outside the stock and bond markets).

Every issue is loaded with strategies and opportunities that are “field-tested” and proven to work, such as:

Mark Ford

Mark Ford is a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, and self-made multimillionaire.

Mark started his first business when he was 11 years old. In the decades since then, he’s started hundreds more, leading to his first retirement at 39.

With too many ideas to remain retired, Mark dove back into the business world. He was involved in the development of dozens of multimillion-dollar businesses, including one whose revenues recently exceeded the $400 million mark.
He has also written a dozen books on entrepreneurship, personal productivity, and wealth building—three of which were New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-sellers.
✓     Mark’s 3-part system to generating an 8-figure nest egg (it has nothing to do with the stock market)
✓     The #1 Inflation Hedge You Should Own in Your Portfolio (Hint: It’s not gold, and has outpaced inflation over the past 25 years.)
✓     The Proven, 4-Step Plan to Force Your Boss to Give You a 20%+ Raise (and make him/her “thank” you, too)
✓     What to do if your employer of 20 years suddenly lays you off (the folks who do this are unaffected)
✓     How the World’s “Second Best Way to Generate Wealth” Can Drive Millions into Your Retirement Accounts W ith ZERO Effort (Mark made $6.5 million this way, sitting at his pool. You will probably make less—but it could mean $10,000 s extra every single year.)

These ideas come from Mark’s own life and observations as a 64-year-old serial entrepreneur, investor, and Wall Street Journal and New York Times best-selling business author.

His success in business and investing made him a very wealthy man. (His fortune is in the high 8-figure range.) And it also helped him realize an important truth:

The U.S. financial industry exists only to serve the wealthy elite in America—not to enrich the lives of everyday Americans.

As Mark put it:

Unless you start when you are very young or have millions to invest when you are middle-aged, the stock and bond market won’t work for you. You simply cannot get the returns you need to develop a seven-figure net worth in any reasonable amount of time.

That’s why, about 4 years ago, Mark launched Creating Wealth. His mission: to share everything he knows about generating wealth outside Wall Street.

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