Mark Buchanan – Whole Brain Thinking

Mark Buchanan – Whole Brain Thinking

Mark Buchanan – Whole Brain Thinking

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The human brain is, quite possibly, the most amazing organism on the planet.

What a tragedy it is, then, that most of us treat our brains as though one half of it does not exist!

In this enjoyable and interactive course, I am going to show you how you can learn to use your brain in a more balanced way.

I will explain how we came to see our brains the way we do and where the language we use about our brains comes from.

Then, I will demonstrate some practical strategies for unleashing the weak side of your brain – so that you can make better decisions and solve problems more quickly.

The course comprises more than 4 hours of video and 20 lectures

Lecture List

Lecture 1 – The Left Brain Right Brain Metaphor
Lecture 2A – The Modern View Of Brain Function
Lecture 2B – Navons Exercise
Lecture 3A – Brain Bias Questionnaire
Lecture 3B – Is My Brain Biased
Lecture 3C – Where Do I Stand
Lecture 4 – Relating Across The Brain Divide
Lecture 5 – Brain Bias Influence Map
Lecture 5 – Why Is My Brain Biased
Lecture 6 – Opportunity Conditioning
Lecture 6 – Work Me vs Home Me
Lecture 7 – Why You Should re-Balance Your Brain
Lecture 8 – Balanced Brain Benefits
Lecture 9 – More Balanced Brain Benefits
Lecture 10 – Choices And Consequences
Lecture 11 – Consequences and Possibilities Worksheet
Lecture 11 – Consequences and Possibilities
Lecture 12 – Texture Association Objects
Lecture 12 – Texture Association
Lecture 13 – Two Approaches To Brain Balance
Lecture 14 – Activating Your Right Brain With Music
Lecture 14 – External Resources
Lecture 14 – Music Response
Lecture 15 – Working With Music
Lecture 16 – Tuning Into Your Visual Right Brain
Lecture 16 – Visual Response
Lecture 17 – More Ways To Activate Your Right Brain
Lecture 17 – Texture Association Objects
Lecture 18 – Blocks Diagram
Lecture 18 – Building On The Ideas Of Others
Lecture 19 – Group Story Telling
Lecture 20 – Activating Your Left Brain

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