Making $500 In 4 Days – Added a Bonus in post 15

Making $500 In 4 Days - Added a Bonus in post 15

 Making $500 In 4 Days - Added a Bonus in post 15

 Making $500 In 4 Days – Added a Bonus in post 15

Sale Page:


An open invitation to steal my proven formula for making steady commissions with
surprisingly little risk and effort:

“Watch Over My Shoulder As I Create A
Website That Brings In
Commissions Completely Hands Off…”

Peak Into My LIVE Campaigns and Steal My Secret Formula For Making Simple Sites That Generate $500 – $5,000 Each… 100% Guaranteed!
How Many Sites Do You Want?


Despite the massive amounts of money making opportunities online…You’re probably tired of sluggish and fickle commissions and are ready to start making steady big profits doing something different… Right?

I have 4 goals if you decide to read this letter:

1) Make you money – this is MOST important.

2) Keep things entertaining – I can’t help you make money if you’re bored.

3) Motivate you to take action
– Knowledge is useless if you don’t apply it.

4) Get you outside your comfort zone
– That’s were all progress takes place.

Let’s get crackin’ shall we?

If you’re past the point of being satisfied with inconsistent, puny commissions and…


If You’re Ready For Bigger, Faster and
Steady Commissions…

Then here’s a 100% guaranteed way to do it now… Without:


No Push Button Software Scams
No Complicated SEO Nonsense
No Annoying Social Media Posts
No Pie In the Sky Theory
No Staying Glued to Your Computer 24-7
(But – it is OK to have your cell phone beep every time you make a sale)

This formula is an action oriented approach to making money online…
It’s about getting paid with SPEED!

I’m talking about getting deposits in your paypal account the same day you put up one of these simple sites I’ll show you how to make.

This secret formula is a repeatable way to make $500 – $5,000 per site… Even if your most impressive computer skill is copying and pasting.

Here’s the best part…


You Don’t Have To Do The Work…

I’ll show you a little known site were hard working, intelligent people do all the work for you… For less than the price of a Happy Meal!

My name is Alex Malave, and I’ve almost died from caffeine overdoses at least twice in my life…


(That’s me)

(That’s my fridge)

I’m not kidding.

I think I averaged 800mg of caffeine per day during college.

I don’t recommend it, and I probably cut a few years from my life trying to get rich.

The good news is that I won.

Yep, I won the money game.


I Made My First $1,000,000.00
Before I Turned 25 Years Old…

I moved into a 6,000 square foot beach front mansion in La Jolla, California
I traveled all over the world, and did everything I wanted to do…

Including going on a yacht with 25 girls and only about 8 guys.
Yea, that was awesome.

But, something started to happen after 6 months of being able to do whatever I wanted.

I got ridiculously bored.

I realized I love this internet marketing game, and I think it’s..


The Worlds Greatest Video Game…

I love creating fun videos to help others do what I’ve done.

Alright enough about me, I hate writing my own bio.

I just want to let you know that I’m talking from experience here. I’ve played this “game” for 8 years now.

I’ve had a million dollar launch, I’ve sold websites for $95,000, I’ve made $20,000 profit in a single day from affiliate commissions, etc…


This money making formula is the single most consistent source of income I’ve EVER had.

I have sites that I haven’t touched since 2006 that are STILL making me $500 – $5000 per month.


‘Steal’ My Proven Formula And Peak Inside My Live Campaigns

And like I said on the headline of this page, I’m going to peel back the curtain and share 2 of my personal and currently profitable campaigns with you.

You’re about to see how I use a secret money making formula to go from $0 to $714.32 per month in the nail biting niche…

Yep, the nail biting niche…

If that wasn’t weird enough…

I’m also going to let you see how I went from $0 to $533.90 per month in the stop smoking weed niche.

I’m going to demonstrate the entire process LIVE right in front of you.

Yep, LIVE… You watch over my shoulder as I show you every single step of the process.


The Heineken is always within reach…

I enjoy drinking a Heineken and listening to music while I work. I highly recommend it, it’s one of my biggest secrets to success.

So here’s why the formula kicks ass…

You get to watch over my shoulder and follow along as I show you how to profit from


Simple-To-Make Sites That Generate Commissions Of $500 – $5,000 Per Site

Do you understand how powerful this is?

You get to see the entire process from scratch…

No other guru or expert does that…

No other course does that…

I’m the only one keeping it gangster like this….

Who else teaches you how to make money online by walking their talk?

Who else is actually showing you the behind the scenes of how the idea is generated, how the traffic is gotten, and how the money is made… all from scratch?

No one!

It’s like you’re sitting right next to me on my computer and I’m showing my best friend how to do it..

That’s exactly what I’m giving you access to with this product.


No Tech Skills Required…
Here’s Why:

This formula requires very little skills since we snipe and attack very uncompetitive markets.

Examples: stop nail biting and stop smoking weed.

It’s like killing an ant with a bazooka. It’s complete overkill.

I’m going to arm you with the techniques I’ve used to dominate ultra competitive markets…

Then I’ll turn you loose on low hanging fruit niches you can easily dominate.

Sound good?


“I was surprised how easy the “watch over the shoulder” videos were to follow. Alex makes it so easy for you to replicate his results since he gives you a step-by-step breakdown of the entire process.Seeing every detail of the process made a HUGE difference for me. I’m now making $1,700 per month in the “online gaming” niche, and I’m having a great time doing it! I highly recommend you get these tutorials if you want to start making money online.”

Eddy Avellan



The Formula That Brings In A Steady
$500 – $5000 With Simple Sites
So let’s break down the powerful I.I.I.S.O formula:

.I.I.S.O – My Secrets To Picking Niches

Idea Sniping – I’m going to reveal a sneaky way I use Amazon to find urgent problems that nobody else is solving.

I’ll show you how to find THOUSANDS of these low hanging fruit opportunities.

Immediate Validation
– After I find an opportunity using Amazon, I validate and make sure people are willing to pay for a solution…

In other words, is ending their nail biting habit worth at least $27 to them? This step allows you to find out quickly.

In fact, I’ll show you how I get people to paypal me $27 to help them stop biting their nails…. ON DAY 1!

Without ever creating a product.

I do this in order to make sure people will pay for a solution before I even spend 1 minute creating it.

As you can see on the screenshot below, there are lots of people trying to figure out how to stop nail biting on reddit: This is $$$ waiting to be cashed in.


Instant Traffic Hacks – These are not the common and basic ways to get traffic you’ve probably already tried.

NO YOU ARE NOT GETTING SOME basic article submission tips, or some annoying social media traffic techniques.

Screw that, those basic tactics never worked for me.

These are traffic hacks you’ve never heard of… These are not the basic things you can find on the warrior forum or youtube.

These are my personal bread and butter tactics for getting traffic that buys and gets me commissions quickly.

Traffic for tiny niches is actually quite easy to get…

Even if you only have $5 to invest in traffic. $5 goes a long way when attacking tiny and uncompetitive niches.

Remember our goal is to profit $500 – $5000 per month from each niche.

We don’t need huge traffic to do that.

I’ll do everything guerilla style right in front of you and walk you through each step of the formula with fun to watch videos.

Solution Cheat Codes – How to Quickly & Easily Create Solutions Which Make People Line Up And Practically Beg You To Take Their Money!!!

This is THE FASTEST way to create valuable solutions that people gladly pay $27- $97 for.

I’ll show you how to get other people to create your products for you.

Do you think it’s possible to create ultra valuable products without doing any work?

Well, it is.

Here’s how I do it:

1) I create 7 questions that will answer the common stumbling blocks for people in whatever niche I’m going into.

For example: Here are the 7 questions for the nail biting niche:


I then, email these questions to 10 people that have successfully stopped biting their nails, or are experts on the topic.

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