Make $100/Day Through Blogging – No SEO Required!

Make $100/Day Through Blogging – No SEO Required!

Make $100/Day Through Blogging – No SEO Required!

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Ok, I lied. I don’t hate Google. But I use to! And if you are a blogger (or someone who wants to make money blogging), there is a good chance you hate Google also.

The income you make as a blogger is directly related to where you rank in Google…Right?


That is one of the BIGGEST LIES you will ever hear when it comes to blogging. It’s a lie that I use to believe and it’s a lie that you more than likely believe right now.

The problem with believing the lie that ranking in Google is the only way to drive traffic to your blog is the fact that you become 100% dependent on it, and when you become dependant on ranking in Google, the very second you lose your rankings…you lose your business.

I know this from personal experience. I built up a over 100 “Micro Niche” sites, was making a decent living off that, then Google decided to just de-index them all in one night. I literally lost my entire business (that I spent so long building up) in one day.

I realized Google didn’t like these tiny little micro sites, so I decided to create an “Authority” site. Things went really well at first, then Google decided to completely de-index it again because they didn’t like some of my link building methods…so once again I lost all of my income in a single night.

At this point I am sure you can imagine how frustrated I was getting. I loved the idea of blogging to make money online, but I absolutely hated the fact that my success as a blogger was 100% dependant on where Google decided to rank my site.

Because of this I decided it was time to figure out how to become a successful blogger without worrying about where I rank in Google.

And let me tell you, that decision I made to forget about Google was the best decision I had ever made in my blogging career.

And here’s the ironic thing, right when I stopped worrying about where I was ranking in Google, all of a sudden I WAS ranking in Google and those rankings haven’t gone anywhere.

That’s also when I started to make an EASY $100/day.

Those pictures you saw of my earnings at the top of this page are just my last 4 days. I have actually had a few $200 days, and it keep growing!

After months of testing and tweaking, I finally put together a complete blogging system that actually works! And the best part is it doesn’t really matter where you rank in Google! I now view ranking in the search engine traffic as nothing more than “bonus” traffic.

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