Lose The Back Pain – Complete System

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Lose The Back Pain – Complete System

Lose The Back Pain – Complete System

Your first step is to watch the videos… there are 2 videos and here’s a quick explanation of what’s covered on each:

Video 1 – On the first video you’ll learn all the details about muscle imbalances and how they are causing and contributing to your pain.

Then we’ll walk you thru the self assessments and help you pinpoint which physical dysfunctions you have and you’ll quickly see how they are responsible for your pain.

Video 2 – Once you’ve identified your dysfunctions, we then walk you through the corrective exercises, stretches and self treatments that are specific to your physical condition and are necessary in order for you to rebalance your body and eliminate your pain.

Component #2: Lose the Back Pain™ Audio CD’s

In addition to the two videos, you’ll also receive 3 audio CD’s.

Here’s what’s covered on the CD’s:

Audio CD 1 – How To Get the Best Results Using The System – On this first CD we explain in detail how to use the system and how to get relief as quickly as possible.

Audio CD 2 – Strategies for Reducing and Managing Pain – On this CD you’ll learn about more than a dozen strategies for reducing and effectively managing your pain while you also work on eliminating the underlying cause.

Audio CD 3 – Condition Specific Recommendations – If you’ve been diagnosed with a specific condition, CD 3 will give you specific recommendations, techniques and treatments you may also want to consider. These recommendations are in addition to addressing your imbalances and are explained in great detail.

Component 3 – 117 pg Lose the Back Pain Reference Manual
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