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Business owners – The world is changing VERY rapidly and what people are trying to sell you is often times years old! In this course I am going to walk you through everything you need to not only prepare for the future but also be light years ahead of your competitors. The udemy platform is perfect for this course whether you are going to do the tasks yourself or have someone on your team do it. The content remains forever!

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People looking to start their own business – The local small business space is the largest untaped resource on the internet. Many small business owners know they need this service but have no idea where to start. In this course there is a special section about how we have had success approaching clients, figuring out the pricing structure, contracts, and about everything else.

Chapters Include:

Working with the client
Step by step walk throughs to optimize your web presense (SEO, Tracking, etc)
Reputation Management (Don’t wait until its too late!!!)
Search engine optimization
Case studies
Walk throughs
SECTION 1 Introduction to the Internet Marketing Blueprint
SECTION 2 Pricing Options
SECTION 3 Setting Up Online Services to Optimize Your Business
SECTION 4 Mailing List
SECTION 5 Case Studies
SECTION 6 Search Engine Optimization
SECTION 7 Walkthroughs
SECTION 8 Transcripts

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