Local Leads Finder Bot

Local Leads Finder Bot

Local Leads Finder Bot

Local Leads Finder Bot

What Is Local Lead Bot?

Local Lead Bot is an easy-to-use, smart, Local Buyer Lead Generation Software that provides quality leads of businesses who already spending money in a provided location.

By using Local Lead Bot, it is possible to obtain virtually unlimited leads since the Internet is updated regularly. Thus, you can generate leads as often as you want! Because Local Lead Bot exports data to a CSV file, you can open it easily with common CSV software such as Microsoft Excel.

Local Lead Bot helps you build a huge, targeted list of local business that need your services.

  • This software saves you precious time from tediously scouring the Internet for hours seeking businesses in your area or industry.
  • This software saves you money because you no longer need to buy expensive lead lists -which are usually out of date the day you purchase them.

Local Lead Bot – The Benefits:

Local Lead Bot offers you a local buyer leads system that allows you to instantly generate unlimited, more targeted local business leads, which are already purchasing local marketing services.

Moreover, this software lets you get all the information needed to convert them into your own customers!

With only one click of a button, you can easily make a list of local businesses that are already investing their money on expensive products/services such as Groupon and Living Social.

The software also allows you to contact the businesses to introduce them your own services, give them more alternatives, and more effective services.

They are already spending money for marketing – now you can direct their funds for your own benefit!

Thanks to this software, you no longer have to contact business blindly without any knowledge about what these businesses are already interested in purchasing/spending money.

Local Lead Bot is flexible – offering you TWO different versions of software to suit your needs: Single license for Lite version and five license for Pro version.

Why Is This Software Better Than The TONS of Other Lead Scraper Tools Available?

That’s A GREAT Question!

Here are the TOP THREE Reasons Why:

  • Local Lead Bot only delivers qualified buyer leads.
  • Local Lead Bot will dramatically generate better results and profits for your business.
  • Local Lead Bot has a proprietary smart system that only pulls leads that are presently and actively spending money.

Local Lead Bot utilizes local buyer insight data to go deeper into researching a company’s key information such as deals running at every location, other locations, contact information, website information, and much more!


There are only two easy steps to use Local Lead Bot:

  • Obtain brief information from search results about the leads.
  • Research for full data such as Purchases, Investment, Savings, Address, Phone, Email, Website, Location, Facebook, and Twitter.

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  1. Hyme Assman says:

    Where is the pw for the zip file????? I’ve tried to send you emails…. no reply to date.

    BTW: why the heck have a chatbot box if it doesn’t do anything? are you just testing a plugin? or is it an oversight?

    Please provide the password for the zip file…without it, this is useless….

    Thanks for helping, is appreciated!

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