Live More Conference 2014 with Lyme Less

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Lyme Less Live More Conference 2014

Lyme Less Live More Conference 2014

Get Living!
Brent and Dana with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. Seattle, WA

Brent and Dana are committed to bringing you information and support that will shift your body and mind today.

What’s possible with Lyme Less Live More?
–    Knowledge: A better understanding of your body
–    Action: Foundational tools for recovery
–    Empowerment: A new perspective on illness
–    Connection: A compassionate community

Many are finding this step-wise program to be
a simple and loving process of transformation.

“..please know you are saving lives as much as any other treatment.” – Chris
“Great initiative from people with a kind, great heart!” – Martine
“Wow…this is helping me so much to understand my body.” – Brenn
“What a beautiful offering of service. The two of you are bright lights in this world.” – Dara

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Our Experts and Trailers:

Caroline Barringer – “Health Begins in the Gut”
Brent Martin – “Metabolic Individuality and the Power of Food”
Marc Weill – “Detox: No Treatment Without It”
Beth Greer – “Detox Your Home to Detox Your Self”

Andy Abrahams Wilson – “Behind the Lens of Under Our Skin”
Dave Asprey – “Upgrade Your Brain to Clear Your Mind”
Connie Strasheim – “How to Heal Your Story”
Julie Schiffman – “Tap Your Way to a Healthier Future”

Paul Chek – “The Hidden Gifts of Lyme Disease”
Dr Beth McDougall – “Exploring the Un-Truth of Illness”
Dr Dietrich Klinghardt – “EMF’s, Mental Fields, and Your Immune System”
Dana Walsh – “The Fight vs Deep Surrender

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