Liberation Lifestyle – Business Building Blueprints

Liberation Lifestyle - Business Building Blueprints

Liberation Lifestyle – Business Building Blueprints

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What is The Lifetime Liberation Blueprint?

A product isn’t just a physical item, like a light bulb or a bag of dog food. A product is also
a selection of ideas and training; techniques that can help boost the revenue created by a
business. Dan Kennedy is a master at creating products that have brought in millions of dollars.
The life Time Liberation Blueprint is a distillation of his techniques to help both small and
large business become a success in the world of info-marketing. This blueprint is made for all
and is simple enough for kitchen table entrepreneur to start making a good income.

What is Info-Marketing?

This term stand for information marketing. All this does is take the information and knowledge a
person has for a particular business or expertise and using it to make money. Does this person
have a skill in creating stunning and unique bird-houses? With the right type of marketing, this
information can be used to help create clients that will either buy the bird-houses or pay to
learn the same skills and techniques. This information isn’t always about the profession a
person has, but anything this person has knowledge and expertise. Often the skilled bird-house
creator just does it as a hobby and works on another job full time. Using the techniques in the
Lifetime Liberation Blueprint, the income created from the bird-house creation can supplant what
the person is bringing through the full time job.

Getting started

This product is geared for any business, from the small kitchen table shop to a fully fledged and
incorporated entity. The techniques that Dan Kennedy teaches can help any size of operation start
to bring in better revenue on a regular basis. These techniques can be weaved in to current
marketing strategies, or used as the foundation for a new info-marketing campaign. Whatever the
size of business, the Lifetime Liberation Blueprint has all the bases covered.

Here’s Just SOME Of What You’ll Discover In This 6-Module Info-Biz Blueprint:

Module #1:
Foundations Of Information Marketing

Module #2:
Conversion, Inspiration And Picking Your Market

Module #3:
Types And Sources Of Product

Module #4:
Your Ideal Customer And Lead Generation Processes

Module #5:
Lead Generation, Fulfillment And Blueprints

Module #6:
Income Sources, Keys And Coaching


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