Leeds & Hott – NLP & Hypnosis Online Training

Leeds & Hott – NLP & Hypnosis Online Training

Leeds & Hott – NLP & Hypnosis Online Training

Leeds & Hott – NLP & Hypnosis Online Training

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NLP Coach Practitioner Certification Training and Ericksonian Hypnosis Practitioner Certification Training are dynamic,

experiential trainings designed to empower you with mental abilities, linguistic tools, behavioral skills and

transformational techniques to heal the past, create your future and live fully “now.”

“Steven and Rachel pursue their mission with integrity and competence. I appreciate their commitment to excellence and

their support of the highest quality learning for their participants.” Robert Dilts, author and NLP Developer

“Steven and Rachel are outstanding trainers of NLP and Hypnosis. I give them my highest recommendation. Stephen Gilligan,

author, The Courage To Love

“The truest measure of any NLP institute is the quality of the people who emerge from its training programs. By that

measure, the NLP Center of New York is surely one of the finest in the world. Again and again, I have been impressed by

the depth and range of their participants grasp of the field of NLP. These people obviously revel in learning. This is not

only inspiring, but a delight to be a part of, as well. The NLP Center of New York™ ® is a true home of NLP” David Gordon,

author and NLP Trainer and Developer.

When you become a member today, you’re going to get access to…

* The NLP Practitioner Video Library, with video recorded live from NLP Center of New York Training – you’ll see & hear

NLP tools & techniques demonstrated so you can feel confident about applying them in your life – with new videos added

every week!
* The Hyposis Video Library, with video recorded live from NLP Center of New York Hypnosis Trainings – you’ll see & hear

Hypnosis & techniques demonstrated so you can learn by example – with new videos added every week!
* The NLP and Hypnosis Community Forum where you can share ideas with like-minded people, get advice from top NLP and

Hypnosis trainers (or just enjoy exploring other people’s ideas and useful suggestions).
* The NLP Techniques Library, including video demos of ‘classic’ NLP techniques (plus lots of new ones!) From fast phobia

cures to confidence boosters, you’ll find them here.
* Explanations & examples of hypnotic language patterns to help you learn hypnotic language fast.
* And much more (among other things, new videos, articles are added every week, so you can feel confident that you’re

getting access to the latest developments in the field)!

“Discover NLP and Hypnosis”

We are thrilled to tell you that, after close to a year of development, we have created what I think you’ll agree is the

best online NLP and Hypnosis resource for helping you develop & use your Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis


Quality Audio and Video

During your journey of learning NLP & hypnosis, you will have many opportunities to learn and this is perhaps the best

online resource. Utlizing the online deliver method Online NLP Training will allow you to:

* Learn to use NLP automatically every day, getting the kind of results most people only dream of. Reading about the

amazing things you can do with NLP is one thing, but without the right help, it can be tough to translate what you read

into something you can actually do.
* Become an effective, charismatic communicator. Learn the language patterns & other techniques while seeing them

demonstrated. Become fluent with hypnotic language & metaphor, with the ability to captivate & delight people with

enthralling stories & fascinating explanations.
* Achieve real freedom from limiting patterns, problems & behaviours. NLP is the key to personal mastery and discover the

essential ingredients so that it really works for you.
* Feel real confidence in applying all the NLP techniques effectively. See how we bring it all together giving you a model

to help you develop a real level of skill.
* Experience a high level of success, fulfilment & joy of living. Learn the tools that will help you close more deals,

increase health & wealth, work with groups, build brilliant relationships, & have the kind of impact on other people that

helps you build a reputation for results.

The trainers at the NLP Center of New York have been perfecting their knowledge spending thousands of hours learning and

training. Now you can get access to the finest NLP trainers & information from anywhere in the world. Learn the material,

re-enforce what you have learned in class, see why the NLP Center of New York has been turning out some of the finest

practitioners since 1986.

We’ve putting together the world’s biggest, most comprehensive collection of NLP and Hypnosis videos, articles, together

with a fast-growing community of people who are passionate about NLP and Hypnosis. Imagine a multi-media “NLP

Encyclopaedia” and “Hypnosis Encyclopaedia”, where you don’t just read about NLP and Hypnosis – you can actually see

videos of NLP techniques and Hypnosis inductions being demonstrated by skilled NLP and Hypnosis trainers, or have them


Our goal is to create & evolve the world’s most useful, vibrant NLP and Hypnosis-oriented website anyone has ever seen,

with a community of NLP and Hypnosis trainers, practitioners, hypnotists, & other learners. And today it’s your chance to

become part of this community.

I know that you’re going to be genuinely amazed by the wealth of instantly useful material you’re going to see and hear as

you explore this powerful new resource. In fact, the video on this site are not available anywhere else, at any price!

Steven A. Leeds, M.A.
Steven Leeds, M.A.. LMHC, NYS licensed mental health counselor, who holds masters degrees in both Counseling Psychology

and Secondary Education is a certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Steven, who is

co-director and co-founder of The NLP Center of New York began studying NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis in 1981 with John

Grinder, Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts, Leslie Cameron Bandler and Virginia Satir. He has also studied extensively with

Stephen Gilligan and Jack Canfield. For over 25 years, Steven has designed and conducted NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis

training in the United States, Europe and South America. He conducted the first Swiss NLP Certification Training in

Zurich, Switzerland.

Steven has been teaching NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Post Master Practitioner and Trainer Training as well as

the Ericksonian Hypnosis Certification Training since 1986. Steven is also authorized and endorsed by NLP Comprehensive to

conduct Core Transformation© seminars. Steven is a founding member of the International Association of NLP and is

certified by the National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists (NBCCH).

Rachel B. Hott, Ph.D.
Dr. Rachel B. Hott, who holds a Ph. D. in clinical psychology is a certified master practitioner and trainer of Neuro-

Linguistic Programming and co-director and co-founder of The NLP Center of New York. She is a NYS licensed clinical

psychologist and holds a master degree in Dance/Movement Therapy. She is also a hypnotherapist certified by the National

Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists (NBCCH). Rachel has been a course leader for American Management Association

and a private consultant for executives. She has been trained by Jack Canfield to facilitate self-esteem trainings. Her

specialization areas include: Performance anxiety, Sexuality, Life Transitions, Addictions and Healthy Lifestyles

including weight control, sleep and exercise.

In addition to NLP, she includes Thought Field Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and Self-

Relations in her therapeutic repertoire. Rachel is also authorized and endorsed by NLP Comprehensive to conduct Core

Transformation© workshops. Rachel has written numerous articles for Anchor Point magazine. Rachel is sought after as a

presenter on NLP and Communication. Some of her recent clients have been the International Coach Federation (ICF),

RogenSI, Uventures and Equinox.

NLP Practitioner ~20 hours
NLP Master Practitioner ~16 hours
Hypnosis ~17 hours
Advanced Hypnosis ~17 hours

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