Lee Murrays Email Slick

Lee Murrays Email Slick

Lee Murrays Email Slick

Lee Murrays Email Slick


Part One: Email Marketing Training

Fifty Slick Tricks for Wicked Sick Email Marketing:

Right out of the gate, I knock you on your ass with my fifty “Slick Tricks.” Here, you’re going to discover literally everything you’ll ever need to know to become a wealthy SOB through the power of email. A bold statement. A true statement.

I’ll take the Pepsi Challenge with anyone’s email training… and I’ll be the Coke that wins. That’s because I show you how to use your own personality, and have fun, and find your own sense of self-confidence. I show you how to command your audience… and get them to do whatever it is you want them to do.

You’re gonna become a master of psychological persuasion. You’re going to learn how to be genuinely helpful to your audience, making them fall in love with you and beg you to send them more emails and offer them more stuff!

Think that might be of any use to you? 😉

In this initial chapter alone, you’ll discover:

The one type of subject line that will force them to open up and read… they simply cannot help themselves! (Slick Trick #3)

When to promote, and when to only provide content. This may actually come as a huge surprise to you! (Slick Trick #9)

Why death, destruction, and horror may just save the day! (Slick Trick #28)

The single biggest word you MUST AVOID USING at all costs. You’ll look like a damned fool otherwise. When the “twins” come riding along, you’ll know exactly what I mean! (Slick Trick #36)

The single greatest relationship-building tool online? We all need them, may as well take them together! (Slick Trick #42)

The fastest, most powerful way to establish common ground. It’s time to declare ____ on _____! (Slick Trick #46)

What you and Frank Kern have in common. The answer may shock you! (Slick Trick #49)

How to stop being that drunk jackass who just got 86’d. (Slick Trick #37)

______________________ (Slick Trick #35)

How to avoid giving your readers freakin’ dementia. Hint: You’re gonna have to “take one for the team” on this one! (Slick Trick #24)

We’re barely just scratching the surface here. There’s so much good stuff in this one chapter alone that I could have absolutely sold this as a standalone product.

When I tell you that these fifty “Slick Tricks” are all you will ever need to be successful in this business, I’m not speaking Hungarian. But why stop there?

Just because you don’t need ten million dollars in the bank doesn’t mean that your life wouldn’t be greatly enhanced by such a thing, right? So let’s enhance…

The Anatomy of a Super Slick Email:

Here, I actually give you real-world examples of the two basic types of email I’m gonna have you focusing on: semi-promotional (content) emails and fully-promotional (promo) emails. I even give you emails you can use right now!

But rather than simply giving you each email and sending you on your merry way, I take the time to actually dissect them. We’re gonna pick them apart, piece by piece, to unveil what’s really going on behind the curtain.

We really dig deep. We look at each section of these emails, identifying which of our “Slick Tricks” have been implemented, and discussing why each of these is so powerful. I really help you to get inside the minds of your readers here.

You’ll see psychology at work. It’s a beautiful thing, and this truly is the type of stuff that nobody else is showing you. Pepsi Challenge, remember?
Part Two: Your “DFY/DIY Hybrid” Content

Ready to go fishing with me?

In this section, I give you so much yummy goodness that you’re going to wonder how you ever got along without it. But here’s the thing, and prepare to try wrapping your head around an almost unfathomable concept here…

This is stuff you’re going to actually use!

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