Lee Holden – Qi Gong for Low Back Pain

Lee Holden - Qi Gong for Low Back Pain

Lee Holden - Qi Gong for Low Back Pain

Lee Holden – Qi Gong for Low Back Pain

A pain-free back is vital to overall health and wellness — and it can be yours! Created by master instructor Lee Holden, Qi Gong for Low Back Pain is specifically designed to open, stretch, and bring increased circulation to the lower back.

This extraordinarily-effective program, as seen on public television, uses gentle qigong stretches, core strength-building and fluid movements to ease back pain — and prevent it from recurring.

The body has an amazing capacity for self-healing; qi gong helps tap these resources to bring the body into balance and harmony. Join Lee Holden in a four-part sequence of flowing stretches that will open, elongate, and recharge your back –and your whole body. Note: some of these exercises are done lying down; some require lying face down; some are performed seated and some are performed standing, (60 minutes)

Sequence of Movements

Deep Abdominal Breathing – feet flat on floor
Mountain Raises from the Sea -spinal lift
Hug Both Knees to Chest
Both Knees Twist
Gluteal Stretch -foot on thigh
Twist to Both Sides – one leg on top of other
Head to Sky Crunch – lift head and hold
Monkey Plays on the Ground – psoas and core strength
Pulling the Bow – core strength and abs
Hold Behind the Hamstring – psoas and core strength
Bicycle Legs – strengthen the abdominals

Face Down

Flying – low back strength
Cobra’s Ritual – low back mobility
Down Dog – strength and flexibility
Peacock Looks at Tail – low back mobility, gluteal stretch
Dog wags tail – lateral mobility


Cross-legged Forward Bend
Turtle – open hips, elongate spine
Forward bend – hamstring stretch
Snake turns body – low back mobility
Wide Leg Forward Bend – hamstring stretch
Forward bend one knee bent – low back stretch
Squat – open hips, low back stretch


Thumbs Press – low back pressure points and mobility
Tailbone Circle – open joints through low back and hips
Knocking on the Door of Life – circulation into the low back
Kidney Knocking – circulation into the low back
Picking Cherries – elongate the low back area
Wide Leg Twist – joint mobility in the low back
Wide Leg Forward Bend – stretch hamstrings
Wave – joint mobility
Fountain – bring energy and circulation to low back
Between Heaven and Earth – bring energy and circulation to low back
Bamboo in the Wind – center and unwinding

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