Lee Cole & Gloria Gunn – LinkedIn Domination and LinkedIn Secret Sauce [3PDF,2 MP4]

Lee Cole & Gloria Gunn - LinkedIn Domination and LinkedIn Secret Sauce [3PDF,2 MP4]

Lee Cole & Gloria Gunn – LinkedIn Domination and LinkedIn Secret Sauce [3PDF,2 MP4]

If you have paid attention to even a small part of what’s on this board, you know a ton more about marketing and sales than even big real-deal professional companies. And those folks are on LinkedIn. You need to be on LinkedIn. Secret Sauce was their first book and Domination was the follow-up. They’re here together because you need both. It looks like LinkedIn may be one of the easiest way to generate leads. I’ll look forward to your feedback. This torrent includes the bonus report Super Local Domain Gold.

LinkedIn Domination site: http://anonym.to?http://leecoleonline.com/teka/linkedin-domination/

LinkedIn Secret Sauce Site: http://anonym.to?http://leecoleonline.com/teka/linkedin-secret-sauce/

Here are the pitches:
A mere few months ago I thought LinkedIn was a complete dump. A huge waste of my time. Nothing but a “spam fest”!
Then…a chance conversation with friend and social media expert, Gloria Gunn, changed everything for me.
In only three short weeks, LinkedIn turned into an automated prospecting machine that was spewing out leads for my business faster than I could process them.
Gloria and I wrote about how you can achieve this same transformation in our first report on LinkedIn called LinkedIn Secret Sauce. (Link at the bottom of this sales letter, if you didn’t get that.)
Unfortunately, not all of Gloria’s wealth of techniques could make it in to that report.
Today, we’re back with a new report called LinkedIn Domination.

In LinkedIn Domination, you’re going to learn how to infiltrate any niche in LinkedIn, dominate it, and quickly make yourself the “go to” person for that niche! Gloria actually taught me how to do this, myself. Here’s the results I got…in only a couple of weeks I went from complete unknown to “guru” status in my niche. I actually had a friend call me and tell me that he had sorted his 1.5k LinkedIn 1st tier contacts by influence. Guess who was #2! Right…MOI!
You can do this too! All you have to do is to follow Gloria’s easy and quick techniques and within a couple of weeks, you too can become the recognized expert for any niche! Any one! And, get the business and leads that a recognized expert gets!

Here’s The Nitty Gritty Of What You’ll Learn In LinkedIn Domination
LinkedIn Domination is a 33 page pdf. No fluff! Just content.
Inside, you’ll learn how to…

Build a massive presence and brand in only 10 to 20 minutes per day…page 1
Use LinkedIn’s extensive setting controls to super charge the reach you get out of your content…page 3
Set your communication settings on LinkedIn to get your message out to your connections…without opening yourself up to meaningless messaging yourself…page 8
Use groups and especially the group email notifications to get your marketing messages out fast and to the right people…page 11
Set your account for “stealth mode”…so you can infiltrate entire niches (like dentists or roofers) without alerting your target audience…page 13
Create a branding strategy for yourself, your business, or a client’s business, which you can implement in only minutes per day…page 16
Find your best target audience and laser focus your efforts just on them…page 17
Hone in on your target audiences’ pain points so you can “hit ‘em where it hurts” with your marketing messages…page 18
Easily find content you can curate and re-purpose for your LinkedIn content marketing…page 20
Organize your curated content so you can spend only minutes a day posting, yet dominate and control a massive market…page 22
Create content that gets hundreds of page views almost instantly…Just like Gloria taught Lee to do…page 23
Interject yourself into hundreds of ongoing conversations right on LinkedIn and get noticed the right way…page 24
Blog on LinkedIn…page 27
Easily find curated content for your blog…page 29
Set up your own 10 – 20 min per day system just like Gloria does…page 30

Here’s what you’ll learn inside LinkedIn Secret Sauce

Why LinkedIn is THE best platform to be on for business lead generation…page 3

What most people do completely wrong on LinkedIn, and how to do it right!…page 4
Exactly how to write your profile’s headline so that it sells you and is also search engine friendly…page 6
How to keyword optimize your LinkedIn profile…page 9
Gloria’s secret formula for writing a great LinkedIn profile…page 10
How to blow up your number of first tier connections fast (with real people who can really make an impact on your business!)…page 14
What is a “Super Connector”? How to connect with them, and how to become one (in just a few days)…page 16
How to put your LinkedIn prospecting on autopilot!…page 20
Gloria’s easy to use, step by step method for turning LinkedIn connections into hungry leads for your business (works for any type of business, btw!)…page 21
How to take the next step and turn those leads into sales, quickly and easily!…page 24
Exactly what to say, how to say it, and when to say it on LinkedIn so that you can turn this platform into a freakin’ lead machine, gold mine for your business!…page 25

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