Laura Roeder – Creating Fame Complete

Laura Roeder – Creating Fame Complete

Laura Roeder – Creating Fame Complete

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Creating Fame is made up of an inspired group of passionate entrepreneurs who have one thing on their mind – raising quickly to the top of their field! You’ll have access to me, as well as the ability to tap into the hive mind for resources, advice and accountability.

Within just two months, I’m going to walk you through the proven system for leveraging the web to create a publicity, traffic, and a lead-generating machine.

If your current online hub (aka your website) is a disaster do not panic. I am not letting go of you until we turn your web presence into a lean, mean, fame-makin’ machine! And that is going to be MUCH easier than you think.

Creating Fame is made up of four core video modules, with additional bonus materials to help you fully understand the concepts.

The four modules are:

–    Foundation The big-picture shifts that will make your success inevitable
–    Presence How to scale your profitable personal
–    Content Get the attention that will bring in a flood of new fans
–    Outreach Build a thriving, loyal fan community that will spread the word about everything you do

Have a look at our curriculum page for more detail on exactly what’s covered in each of the four modules. One lesson is released per week over four weeks.

But exactly HOW is Creating Fame going to make you well-known? Not just theory, but actually doing the work of becoming famous?

You’re not learning this stuff so that you can feel smarter, you’re learning it to see a real change in your business! That’s why we follow every session of Creating Fame with Fame Camp.

Fame Camp is the down n’ dirty step-by-step work of implementing all the major themes you learned in Creating Fame. Fame Camp also lasts four weeks, and happens right after Creating Fame. In Creating Fame you learn, and in Fame Camp you put that learning to work.

Each Monday, you’ll receive an in-depth downloadable guide on that week’s topic, followed by daily email assignments. The pace is fast yet doable for a small business owner. There’s just one rule for Fame Camp: high-leverage activities only!

The four areas we cover in Fame Camp are:

–    Speaking
–    Getting Interviewed
–    Guest Posting
–    Video

Price: $2000 ==> You Just Pay $34.95

Pay Here:

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