Latest X Theme v4.6.0 / Cornerstone 1.3

Latest X Theme v4.6.0 / Cornerstone 1.3

Latest X Theme v4.6.0 / Cornerstone 1.3

Latest X Theme v4.6.0 / Cornerstone 1.3

Break out your sunscreen and funny beach towels everyone, summer is finally upon us (at least in our hemisphere, but you can pretend otherwise)! For everyone here at Themeco Headquarters, there’s no better way to celebrate this season of fun in the sun than with an update to our product line! So sit back, relax (perhaps with a piña colada in hand), and enjoy.

If you keep up with the community run X Theme Users group on Facebook, you may have seen Kyle drop a few hints about our upcoming Extension integrations. Now that the time has finally arrived, we couldn’t me more thrilled to officially share the news of our two new Extensions with v4.6.0 of X: ACF Pro and Superfly!

For those who might not already be familiar with it, ACF Pro is an absolutely stellar plugin that makes including custom fields onto your posts and pages incredibly easy. You can utilize the fields you’ve added to pull through custom data and output it as needed, allowing you to create more involved and immersive pages that go beyond standard content. Our Cornerstone integration with ACF Pro takes things even further, letting you place shorthand markup that will pull through data into your element content. To read more about ACF Pro, make sure to check out our Knowledge Base article that goes into much greater detail on the whole integration.

Superfly is the new kid in town that everybody on the block wants to hang out with. Superfly is a menu builder that allows you to setup unique navigation layouts for your website that look truly spectactular across all devices. You can read more about Superfly in our Knowledge Base article and see how to set it up and work with it.

This release also includes a few bug fixes, various improvements, and updates to our other bundled Extensions. As always, we look forward to seeing how you keep creating with X and our Extensions and will see you all very soon!

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